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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Foliage Followup -- April 2014

There's so much new growth out in my garden right now, it's hard to focus on the flowers. It seems like every day I see something new leafing out. Some plants, like Rodgersia, come up late, and I always worry each year that they won't come back. I have lost a few things, like Melianthus major, to the harsh winter, but plenty of plants are coming back quite well.

Here's a little rundown on what's catching my eye.

Heuchera 'Miracle'

Mottled Podophyllum (I'm sure I have the name somewhere)

Solid green Podophyllum pleianthum has been in this spot for a couple of years now, and the number of leaves increases every year, so it must be happy

Ostrich ferns unfurling remind me of cobras getting ready to strike

Our native sword fern isn't quite as graceful as the ostrich fern

This one reminds me of an elephant's trunk

Little furry knots


When I finally got to this bed to tidy it after the winter, I was so thrilled to see this healthy Cardiocrinum giganteum foliage

Honeysuckle, trellis, fence

Hydrangea macrophylla 'New Wave'

Solomon's Seal

Trillium and PNW native Vanilla Leaf (Achlys triphylla)

New foliage on Corylopsis spicata


Tulip 'Fire of Love' in front and Carex 'Banana Boat'

Foliage Followup is hosted by Pam Penick of the blog Digging on the 16th of every month, the day after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and its purpose is to celebrate the unique contribution that foliage makes to our gardens. Check out Pam's blog post here, and be sure and visit the links in the comments.


  1. I'm impressed that your 'Fire of Love' is already in the ground and that your banana boat survived. I thought mine had died (thought it was evergreen.) but it's returned. You are the Heuchera queen! Yours always look so nice! Podophyllum delavayi? Gorgeous foliage!

  2. Wow, you have so many beautiful foliage pics to share! Some of these, like the Dactylhoriza, I've never heard of, much less seen. I particularly like the Trillium, which I so wish I could grow...

  3. I got all my sale plants in the ground straight away as well . I love that Carex 'banana boat'

  4. You've got a fine selection of foliage plants Alison! The markings of that Podophyllum looks gorgeous and there's something very special seeing ground ferns unfurling new fronds.

  5. I too love all of the foliage plants poking out of the ground!

  6. Heuchera 'Miracle' is beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous foliage! Cardiocrinum giganteum is high on my list for my future garden, but I'm not sure I trust my parents enough to try one in theirs.

  8. Something has been munching on my Carex 'banana boat'...this makes me very unhappy...

  9. You really have a lot of plants with beautiful foliage. The mottled Podophyllum, the Heuchera ´Miracle´ and the Cardiocrinum are just stunning.

  10. So many treasures, here and in the Bloom Day post (I am hopelessly behind with my reading). I love to see ferns unfurl. And the trilliums, gorgeous.

  11. Perfect foliage for Foliage Follow Up Alison. Like Jessica, I'm way behind so off now to see what you shared for bloom day. The fern fiddles are amazing!

  12. Sigh...I am swooning over your photos. Don't give up yet on the Melianthus. I thought for sure mine had died, but just yesterday I noticed a few signs of life.

  13. Interestingly, my Melianthus is alive and kicking but I lost my Podophyllum pleianthum. ... You mentioned on my blog that you just bought a Veratrum. I think I might need to get one too. That foliage is so gorgeous I could almost eat it. Glad to see your garden doing well.

  14. Lovely foliage. I love the unfurling fern. The Podophyllum is gorgeous. I was interested that you have a Cardiocrinum, how old is it? I have managed to keep mine going for years by dividing the bubils up after it has flowered and growing them on. They take several years to flower again. I suppose the ideal solution would be to have several at different stages for continuity. They set copious amounts of seed but I have never had any success growing it from seed. Do let us know how you get on.


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