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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Brought in Some Kind of Pest With My Banana

It's coming up out of the soil. No, it's not fungus gnats...

It's a Zombie Gnome!

They're in my Begonia luxurians too...

Not to mention the Begonia boliviensis...

The entire garden has been getting into the Halloween spirit, with all the spider webs.

Even my kitty Magellan is sporting her Halloween costume, a grocery bag fashioned into a superhero cape.

Magellan has had a fascination for plastic grocery bags her entire life. She likes to play with them, lick them, chew on them... And occasionally sticks her head through the handle and pretends to be Super Cat. (Was there a Super Cat? Did they have kitties on Krypton?) Don't worry, I don't leave them loose around the house for her to get trapped in, that would be irresponsible.

Anyway, Happy Halloween! I hope you enjoyed this silly post.


  1. Oh frightful those gnomes are!
    Love your sweet kitty Magellan and those great photos of the spider webs.
    Have a great Halloween. xo

  2. Ha! Great fun Alison. I was really worried when I read the first line...but then the picture! And I'm imagining super kitty jumping from the top of the refrigerator and scaring the bejesus out of you (looks like her cape has picked up some sponsorship dollars from Fred Meyer?).

  3. Those zombie gnomes are certainly sinister - maybe Super Cat Magellan needs to send them packing before they spread!

  4. Those are AWESOME. And your cat is so sweet!

  5. Great spider webs, and gnomes (or are those trolls?), too.

  6. You delivered the one/two punch of grim humor that perfectly celebrates this day. Boo to you.

  7. Super Cat and zombie! Happy Halloween!

  8. I have a friend in Michigan who has a gnome we all call 'creepy guy' , however he looks very much like a sinister Angela Lansbury..perhaps the Sweeney Todd version of Angela. I like the webs !

  9. One magical thing about that long spate of fog and light rain was how beautiful the spider webs looked! You got some great shots of them! Hope your Halloween was as fun as this post with super kitty and zombie gnomes.


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