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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Foliage Followup -- October 2013

One of the best things about putting together a Foliage Followup post in the fall is that the turning colors on the deciduous leaves make it easy to spot good candidates for pictures.

In the morning sun the leaves on my pin oak were glowing

The paperbark maple isn't looking too shabby either

When the leaves on my red twig dogwood start to turn they remind me of stained glass

Logee's recently had a sale on fancy-leaf Begonias, so I bought a few. They'll need to come into the house soon, but in the meantime, they are looking pretty good on the back porch. Who cares about flowers when the leaves look like this?

'Raspberry Swirl'

'Baby Dress'

I love the hairy, splotchy edge on 'Baby Dress'

Pam Penick hosts Foliage Followup on her blog Digging, on the 16th of the month, for the purpose of celebrating what foliage contributes to the garden. Check our her blog here, and see what other bloggers are celebrating in the comments.


  1. Maybe next year I'll get fancy leaved begonias. Those are so pretty!

  2. Love those Pin Oaks...I wish that our neighborhood Oaks were those...the ones in our 'hood barely turn yellow before browning!

  3. Mmmm...this post alone makes a case for Autumn.

  4. Glowing, stunning, colorful, and beauty in a blog.


  5. The oaks seem especially vibrant this year. Love your begonias! Gorgeous foliage all!

  6. Lovely photos... especially the oak. I don't have a pin oak but my scarlet oak looks to be very similar in appearance. Our soil isn't the right ph for pin oaks and they often get chlorotic. The begonias are amazing aren't they?!! Larry

  7. October is all about foliage! Nice pics!

  8. Beautiful oak tree leaves! The colours of autumn are stunning. Love your Begonias. Have some in my greenhouse too, with different colours of leaves. I am for the first time on this blog and will follow you.

  9. Your oak is magnificent! My two little oaks have not seemed to color up any yet, I'll have to watch them and see what they can do. The fancy-leaved Begonias are so cool. I have a really old Angel-Wing Begonia that seems indestructible but I'm afraid to tackle those.

  10. Love the red on that pin oak. I tried to get a swamp white oak to grow on our parkway but it didn't survive.

  11. LOVE the magnificent pin oak! And the other leaves are gorgeous, too. I think I need to add some of those fancy begonias back into the mix around my house/garden...


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