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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seattle Fling: Day Two

I just want to start off by thanking our blogger hostess for the last two days, Lorene Edwards Forkner, as well as her two cohorts, Debra Prinzing and Marty Wingate. They are the local bloggers who have set up this entire four-day extravaganza, ferreting out the private gardens, setting up docent-led tours to botanical and display gardens, and harassing corporate sponsors to fund our bused outings.

Please click on their names above to reach each of their blogs.

The tour they have put together is a tour-de-force (defined on as a feat requiring unusual strength, skill, or ingenuity).

Lorene and a friend
Thank you Lorene, Debra and Marty!

Onward to the first of today's garden visits:

The first garden we toured this morning is the handiwork of Michelle and Christopher Epping. The absolutely amazing garden is built into a hillside, with huge stone steps leading up and down to various layered terraces, full of wonderful plant specimens and garden art.

Their two adorable dogs greeted us as we disembarked from our buses.

Can you believe these staircases?

One of my favorite native trees - Garrya elliptica/Silk Tassel tree

This cool stone wall had hens and chicks and other succulents tucked into niches.

This Hellebore was growing out of the wall.

Bird perched on a birdbath

Mermaid statue

Dwarf Hydrangea and matching glass baubles

Driftwood and glass globe (possibly from an old lighting fixture?)

These glass baubles were hanging from an arbor.

And their colors matched the flowers rising up to the sky above.

Rhodochiton hanging in a pot by the patio

The intriguing shape of its unopened flowers gave rise to the Naughty Girls' Club.

Flowering Hens and Chicks

Artichokes? No, succulents in a container on the patio table

Dreadlocked pillar

Well, that's more than enough for one post. More tomorrow.


  1. Alison, I would have loved to have been along on this garden walk...all the stones! Love the staircase with the railing, we have to think about doing that here, too, as the stairs are a bit scary for visitors at times.

    Such cute dogs and the plants were all coordinated with the baubles, very, very beautiful! I was on my way to bed and saw you had posted so of course I had to check and see what your tour was like. I'm so glad I did!

  2. Alison, your photos are stunning! I love how we see things that others don't. I recognize some things, but some are new to my eyes. Loved sharing the bus ride with you today!

  3. Fantastic photos, Alison! Wasn't that mermaid statue lovely? I want one! It has been such a pleasure hanging with you on this shindig. Look forward to many more meet ups!

  4. Your photography is excellent, Alison and I always enjoy your commentary! This has been another glorious treat, a feast for our eyes! How fortunate to have all that natural stone to work with. I'd be overjoyed to be so lucky! This is a very beautifully landscaped garden and the two pups add to its charm :)

  5. Love your blog happy to be following you wish you and all the garden pals a wonderful #seattlefling Thank you for the shares Annie <|;-)

  6. Great pictures! It's been wonderful meeting you! I also noticed the naughty unopened blooms of the Rhodochiton - glad I'm not the only one.

  7. Glad to learn some things I'd never known, The Naughty Girls Club certainly not being the least of them;~} Beautiful photos and helps me feel like I'm right there with you;-)

  8. What great photos. And posted. I haven't even had a chance to see if any of mine came out.

  9. Such great photos of the statuary and succulents. I love the dreadlocks! I know I have an old light globe in the basement and now I'm going to dig it out and make it part of my garden.

    I can't wait for your next post! Thank you ~

  10. Naughty Girls Club eh? Fun. That Hellebore is huge! I thought it was a woody shrub. Amazing garden. Love all the stone work. (would love to have that mermaid...kind of fond of mermaids)

  11. What a beautiful garden! I'm so glad you've been sharing pictures. I love all their glass art. I'm glad you are enjoying the fling so much.

  12. Beautiful gardens. Great ornaments and plants.


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