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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday -- Yippee! Lots of New Flowers

Well, last week's sun did the trick, I now have lots of flowers blooming! And there is still more waiting in the wings.

Phacelia viscida, a California native annual (from Annie's Annuals)

Platystemon califoricus/Cream cups (another California native annual from Annie's Annuals)

I am hoping both of these flowers reseed a-plenty.

Lewisia longipetala 'Little Plum' (also a California native, a succulent perennial)

Lewisia cotyledon 'White Splendor'

Achlys triphylla/Vanilla leaf (a Pacific Northwest native)

Armeria maritima/Sea Thrift (a Northern hemisphere native common to coastal and mountain areas)

Delphinium menziesii (a PNW native)

Camassia quamash (perhaps the most well-known PNW native bulb)

Dicentra formosa (pink Western bleeding heart)

The same, but in white

Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire' (a cultivar of our native PNW vine maple)

The reddish stems that give Pacific Fire its name

The shrub/small tree as a whole

The chocolate brown flowers of Tolmiea menziesii/Piggyback Plant

Do the seedheads of ornamental grasses count as wildflowers?

Helictotrichon sempervirens/blue oat grass (not a native, but it's from the western Mediterranean, so hopefully it will like our wet winter/dry summer climate)

Arisamea triphyllum/Jack in the pulpit (late to arrive, was missing for the longest time, then suddenly, there they were)

My one and only blooming Columbine (lots and lots of buds though!)

Do blueberries count as wildflowers? I sure hope we get some fruit!

Wildflower Wednesday is a blogging meme hosted by Gail Eichelberger of clay and limestone. Check out her blog to see lots more posts about wildflowers!


  1. The sun sure did do the trick there. You have such a great variety of plants! I have the Lewisia cotyledon and it surprised me with how tough it is. It grows not far from a cedar tree, I guess it likes the drier soil and gets just enough sun in the morning. Jack in the Pulpit is definitely one I want to try.
    The rain is falling here. I think my garden needs a few more sunny days to get some of my flowers to bloom.

  2. I would count the blueberries as a wildflower --- we have lots growing in our woods.
    Lovely collection of such interesting blooms.

  3. I love learning about your wildflowers~They are charming (and would absolutely hate TN!). Love Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire'~It's such a good looking tree and the flower is stellar. gail

  4. Gorgeous! My favorites are the Camassia, Tolmiea, and the Acer 'Pacific Fire'! Sooo very pretty!

    My bleeding hearts have already flowered and browned up. They sure don't last long here.. but we have been having weather in the 90's already so I suppose we had a seriously SHORT Spring this year!

  5. I think all your flowers "count." They look great. I take it you like Annie's. I do too. I'm thinking about ordering soon. Not that I need anything... :)

  6. What a great collection! You may have talked me into getting some White Bleeding Hearts. Yours looked great.

  7. I just love them have a nice variety here...they all look so pretty!!!

  8. I like the darker shade of your Camassia.

    And the flowers on your maple as so pretty! and dainty I am sure. I have not seen one with flowers of that sort... just their cousins the Abutilon I guess.

    Thanks for sharing & also for your sweet comment on WMG! Hope to read more about your garden soon!


  9. Love your blog, especially your plant "want" list! Thanks for sharing your wildflowers-your varieties are so much different than my Midwest collection :)


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