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Monday, May 30, 2011

Look What Popped Open on Memorial Day!

Finally, after a couple of weeks of teasing, I went out into the garden and my "Victorian Ball Gown" poppy was completely, gloriously open!

Of course, "Victorian Ball Gown" is not its real name. It's Papaver orientale 'Benary's Mix.'

I've never grown poppies before, so this is my first. I've tried growing them from seed in the past, but had no luck with them in my old garden.

I bought this one last year at Fred Meyer, on sale for $1.99.

And I did finally manage to grow some from seed last year, and they are getting ready to open as well. I'm looking forward to that. There are lots more buds on this one too.
I love that it opened on Memorial Day. It's not a Flanders poppy, but it's still appropriate.


  1. This poppy is just beautiful. Mine are still in bud form, here in zone 4. But coming along!

  2. What a cool poppy. Don't you just love when a bargain plant performs so well?

  3. What a great coral color, so pretty! My Prince of Orange poppy is taking it's sweet time. sigh. Even better is your bargain price! A nice treat on Memorial Day :)

  4. It's a beauty! Mine are finished now, but those seedheads cool looking. I planted a few double poppy seeds, and have 3 little plants up.

  5. It's such a pretty one! My mom said when she was little they pretended to use them as an ink pad, never tried that before. I've just noticed them getting ready to bloom around here.

  6. Love the poppies in the garden, and yours look like one that we have. They are about to open, and with a little sunshine perhaps they can be coaxed to come along.

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  8. I have never seen this variety before. Very pretty. The purple in centre is stunning.

  9. Stunning! Love the red and black, looks so formal. Congrats on your first poppy.


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