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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Townsend's Warblers at the Suet Feeder

There have been new-to-me birds at the bird feeder lately. They are so quick I have had a hard time getting a photo. But today, finally, Success! I looked them up in my Birds of Washington State book, and it looks like they are Townsend's warblers. They love the suet feeder.

According to my book, although this bird nests throughout most of Washington, it is seldom seen until the suet feeders come out.

It's very windy here today, with temps in the mid-40s. No sign of snow, and just a touch of occasional showers. I hear the East Coast and the South are getting hammered. I hope everyone stays safe and warm and travel plans don't get too messed up.

We had a wonderful Christmas meal, and are still full.

Christmas presents included a couple of books about gardening in the Pacific Northwest, a gift certificate from Annie's Annuals and a rain gauge. What more do I need?