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Friday, October 11, 2019

First Frost 2019

We had our first frost this week. On Tuesday night the temperatures went down below freezing long enough to crystallize the dew on the leaves, and on Wednesday morning, as soon as I got back from dropping Nigel off at the train station, before I even went back in the house to make my first cup of coffee and eat my breakfast (plain yogurt sprinkled with nuts), I got out my phone and walked around the front garden taking a few pictures.

We've had first frosts this early in the past, and we've had first frosts in the past that waited till late December, or even January, I think. I remember last year not needing to move my tender plants back into the greenhouse until nearly Halloween. They have already been back inside the greenhouse all snug and warm for a couple of weeks now, since the end of September, when the weather people threatened a first frost, but it didn't actually materialize.

Frost is very pretty, but it does turn your fingers numb.