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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tatyana's Garden

Back in May, one of the first gardens I visited as part of the NPA's Open Gardens plan, was the garden of blogger Tatyana Searcy. Her garden is always a delight, just as she is herself.

Description from the NPA Open Gardens booklet

One of my favorite features of Tatyana's garden is her eclectic collection of garden art. It's sprinkled liberally throughout her garden, and in keeping with that, I'll sprinkle it liberally throughout my post.
A frog with a chessboard sits in the shade of a Yucca in the front garden

A path to the left of the house leads around the side of the house toward the back

A glimpse into the back as you round the corner of the house

An old bird cage protects a plant from squirrels and deer

Bright red new growth on a Rhododendron

A patio runs along part of the back of the house

An old birdbath that perhaps doesn't hold water any more now holds a plant and a brass duck

Is it a nest? Or just meant to look like frothy water? Either way, delightful.

"Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle..."

So much nicer than "pot ghetto"

These two make a nice pair

I bet this is a comfy place to relax

A set of golf clubs keeps visitors from venturing down the path that leads into the golf course that borders the garden

A walled garden holds a variety of self-sowing plants

Pretty Columbines

Pink variegated Campion and blue Forget-me-not

Another protective cage


Hazelnut shells mulch the paths

Clematis montana covers an arbor that separates one area of the garden from another

Schefflera delevayi beside the path that leads back to the front

Enormous Gunnera leaves

Moss-covered statue

Interesting conifer with long needles

A closeup of the new growth

One last look at a peony flower with petals like crepe paper

I featured a piece of Tatyana's garden art in a sea of Vancouveria in a past Wednesday Vignette here. You can follow her blog here, and her Instagram posts here. I hope you enjoyed this visit to her garden. 

More visits to come. I have quite a backlog.