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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- August 2019

At one point I was considering calling this post GBBD: Augtober 2019. It's been a rather chillier than usual, rainy August, very odd summer weather for the PNW. Although we have had some days with quite sunny weather and temps in the 80s, we also had thunderstorms, and heavy rain, and quite a few days where the temps have stayed in the 70s. Not really much like our REAL October weather, which is very blustery and cold and rainy. But so strange. Unfortunately, even with our August rain, we are still running at a considerable rain deficit for the year, because our spring was so dry.

There's still plenty of flowers out in the garden, although I can feel the garden slowing down. I've been slowing down myself.

Echinacea purpurea

Geranium 'Rozanne'

Astrantia 'Vanilla Gorilla'


A bee enjoying some Coreopsis



A few Hydrangeas

Allium wallichii ex. China

One last daylily

Gladiolus 'Ruby' which has flopped into the foliage of Sambucus 'Black Lace' -- I love this hardy Gladiolus so much I just bought a second one for this bed from Far Reaches Farm

There are a few Dahlias flowering.

And a few tuberous Begonias.

And a couple of lilies.


'Black Beauty'



Lobelia 'Queen Victoria'

Another Lobelia with pink flowers, flowering in the pot ghetto

Verbena bonariensis

Cyclamen hederifolium, whose flowers appear before the leaves, kind of a harbinger of autumn

Starbucks has announced the pumpkin spice latte will return to its menu on Tuesday, August 27, the earliest return ever. Isn't that kind of a harbinger of autumn too?

Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the fifteenth of every month. Check out her post here.


  1. It sounds like we may be in for an early fall? I don't mind that but this season seems like it has gone by so fast! I just noticed that my 'Stargazer' lily just opened its first bloom yesterday evening, too late to get on my post. I love that lily and so glad it have it planted again.

  2. Wow, you have some beautiful flowers I have never heard of and I am taking notes! Beautiful garden! By the way, I laughed so much with your image "Kinky as a cheap garden hose"

  3. So many flowers, I almost thought I was over on Kris' blog! The airport (which I am so close to) got some substantial rain last Saturday, but here it was just a light drizzle, nothing remarkable.

  4. I've lusted after Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' for a long time, alas, it never makes it through winter. Does yours get special winter treatment?
    I'm also a gladiola fan. If you are happy with 'Ruby' you may want to try 'Atom'. It is fairly reliable in my garden: it's small red gladiola with white trim.

    1. 'Queen Victoria' is planted with its roots right in the stream, like a marginal. I think this is its third year there. I just cut it back like every other perennial. The stream is the only place I have for planting things that like moisture, since the rest of the garden is very free-draining. I have no boggy spots at all.

  5. Magnificent blooms...Astrantia is exotic beauty in your post...Happy blooms day.

  6. My 'Ruby' bloomed in June, I think. In fact just yesterday I was digging up the corms to fatten them up in potting soil until planting them out again maybe next spring -- I want dozens of flowers next summer!

  7. It'll remain Margarita weather here at least through October and the only pumpkin spice I find acceptable will be in the form of ice cream (and dahlia blooms). You've got a wonderful range of flowers, Alison, but after all the work you've put into your garden this year, I think you certainly deserve a slow-down - and a Margarita. I adore that Allium.

  8. It's always fun to see what you have blooming.

  9. What a lovely selection of flowers you have, they are beautiful! I see signs of autumn here too, I think it might be coming early this year.

  10. I'm just beginning to see cyclamen blooms in my garden, too. And so insignificant so far that I didn't even include the one bloom I found today. And Pleeeeeeeze no pumpkin spice ANYTHING until October; I still have a few glasses of wine to drink on my patio this summer!

  11. So nice! The lobelia and astrantia are my favorites.


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