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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wednesday Vignette -- Toasted, Fried, Burnt

I'm always intrigued by the patterns our summer drought makes on the leaves of some of my lushest plants. No amount of water from a sprinkler, watering can, or from sweat running off my body in a river standing there with a hose can make up for the lack of rain. Summer has become an interesting experiment in seeing what will hang on till the rain returns, and what will die. The ones that live often get rewarded with me planting more of their own kind.

Except for weeds. What is it with weeds, why do they stay green all summer, and even flower?

This ostrich fern is planted with its roots right in the water of the stream, and it's still burnt

Even my Podophyllums, planted in pots and getting watered daily in our hot weather, are crispy critters.

Of course the weeds in the crispy, crunchy lawn are green

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