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Monday, August 27, 2018

In A Vase On Monday

My purchased vase of flowers from last week has lasted, although I did have to remove the Dahlias over the weekend. I replaced them with Dahlias from my own cutting garden. After last week's post I followed Linda's advice, and renewed the stems by cutting them, and realized that the red and purple/blue flowers that I at first had assumed were small Dahlias were in fact probably China Asters (Callistephus chinensis).

I did a Google search on China Asters and found a handful of seed sources that I'm going to follow up on for next year's cutting garden. The only caveat to growing them seems to be that you have to use a different spot each year as they are susceptible to soil-borne diseases. I remember growing them from seed easily back when we lived in Massachusetts, but of course that's no guarantee that they'll grow well in the different climate of Washington state.

Chiltern Seeds Semi-dwarf Jewel Asters

Select Seeds Giants of California

Johnny's Selected Seeds Tower Custom Mix

The tall Amaranthus spikes have lasted, but are less vibrant than they were

'Totally Tangerine' Dahlia and NOID Dahlia

'Totallt Tangerine' Dahlia looks good with the purple Aster

Red and purple China Asters

I popped into my local thrift store during the week and found this funny little head vase, so I thought I'd stick a single stem of a Dahlia into it as well. That's all it holds, as the hole is very small and narrow.

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