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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday Vignette

Today's Wednesday Vignette was a lesson in serendipity, or perhaps the boy scout motto of "Be Prepared." I was wandering the garden with my phone in hand when I noticed a swallowtail butterfly on the rose campion, too busy feeding to pay attention to the big lumbering person nearby. Normally they flit off as soon as I crack the door open and try to slip out unnoticed out with the phone or camera to capture a photo. But on this day we both bumped into each other unawares, and that meant finally for me after many many years, some good closeup photos of a butterfly.

Hasn't noticed me

Still hasn't noticed me


Closer -- surely she can see me

Almost the right angle

Ah! That's it

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  1. You got it! Great shot, especially with the bright color of the flower framing the butterfly's head.

  2. Really nice shots! She must have been preoccupied with all those bright and beautiful flowers.

  3. Beautiful! The only times I've been able to photograph butterflies is when they're obsessing over zinnias.

  4. Great photos! Thank you to butterflies that allow us to take their pictures.

  5. Fantastic photos, well done!

  6. Don't you love these guys? I had two of them in my garden all day yesterday, fluttering around from flower to flower. Your photos are perfection!


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