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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday Vignette/Foliage Followup -- May 2018

Last weekend I went to the spring plant sale at Heronswood in Kingston, WA. Afterward, as usual, I went into the gardens for a long look around. I adore Heronswood, it's one of my favorite gardens of all time, and whenever I visit, I feel the urge to share the beauty with whoever will stop to look at my pictures. I'll share some of those photos in a future post, but for now, here's a shot of a huge swath of very impressive Rodgersia.

Gorgeous bronze Rodgersia at Heronswood

I wish I knew what variety this is. When my Rodgersia gets this big, the leaves have long ago turned as green as Kermit. Perhaps I should just be content that my leaves are large and my plant hasn't died. Yet.

As an aside, I want to share a funny comment I overheard while walking through the garden.

"I bet this takes a lot of upkeep."

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  1. What a funny comment. My Rodgersias all turn green after a while too. Must be the Heronswood magic that keeps these so bronze.

  2. I have this Rodgersia as well and the bronze turns to green eventually. I think it will happen at Heronswood as the season progress. I wish it didn't.
    A lot of upkeep? Hee hee, what upkeep...

  3. I'd be happy to have that here in my garden! I'm going with Rodgersia rotlaub as an ID. Mine usually stays a little chocolaty.

  4. It's gorgeous and sadly so well outside my climate range that I don't even need to complain about its "ample water" requirements.

  5. My Rodgersia never gets that dark. I wish it would!

  6. I am just now working on my Heronswood post. That Rodgersia is featured.

  7. I have rodgersia 'Rotlaub' and wonder if this one is the same. It didn't do well for me and I think it needed more moisture. I have moved it to another spot and it seems to be happy right now.

  8. Do love Rodgersias. Bit hit or miss on our garden but we keep trying...

  9. That is a real beauty, almost iridescent.


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