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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday Vignette/Foliage Followup -- May 2018

Last weekend I went to the spring plant sale at Heronswood in Kingston, WA. Afterward, as usual, I went into the gardens for a long look around. I adore Heronswood, it's one of my favorite gardens of all time, and whenever I visit, I feel the urge to share the beauty with whoever will stop to look at my pictures. I'll share some of those photos in a future post, but for now, here's a shot of a huge swath of very impressive Rodgersia.

Gorgeous bronze Rodgersia at Heronswood

I wish I knew what variety this is. When my Rodgersia gets this big, the leaves have long ago turned as green as Kermit. Perhaps I should just be content that my leaves are large and my plant hasn't died. Yet.

As an aside, I want to share a funny comment I overheard while walking through the garden.

"I bet this takes a lot of upkeep."

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