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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday Vignette -- Frost

We finally got our first real killing frost on Monday night, so I went out into the garden with my camera on Tuesday morning and took some photos, before the sun had a chance to touch some of the frosty spots, and burn it off.

Eryngium 'Blue Glitter'

Purple Coneflower that has been devoured down to the nub by birds

Sedum 'Angelina' and Black Mondo grass

Sedum 'Angelina' and oak leaf

Mahonia gracilipes

I am looking forward to the temps warming up later this week, into the 50s during the day. I still have bulbs to get in the ground -- a handful of Alliums, some Gladiolus communis ssp. byzantinus and some Fritillaria meleagris. I was out there on Monday when it was in the high 30s and planted 50 Anemone blanda, the tiny little wind flowers that pop up early in the spring. It's late to be planting bulbs, but November went by so quickly.

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  1. 50s sounds almost warm ! We're in the 40's all this week , with a wind advisory for the next few days . Get those bulbs in !

  2. You always capture the frost beautifully! There was frost on rooftops and windshields here but nothing on the ground yet, although on my way to work there were pockets of heavy frost on foliage that I was tempted to stop and photograph.

  3. November didn't only go by fast, it was so darn wet that being outside in the rain was impossible. This week is the sunny break you we needed. The mondo grass looks like a ribbon on the sedum; you do frost very well.

  4. Like Peter said you have a way with frost! Still none here but it's plenty cold with highs in the 40's and that cold east wind blowing through the Gorge.

  5. Frost IS pretty! I don't know that I'd be happy to see it, though. I can recall just one frost event at our old beach city house - I didn't even see the frost, just the decimated impatiens it left behind. I admire you getting out and planting bulbs with temps in the 30s - I moan and groan when temps are in the 50s here!

  6. fun frosty photos! Our frost was only on the rooftops so far.

  7. Except of the snow today we have not had any frost here. Lovely frosty photos, especially the coneflower and Eryngium are beautiful. What concerns the bulbs, I can see we live in a different climate. I've planted my bulbs already a couple of weeks ago but not Gladiolus byzanthinus. They are not hardy enough in our country, so I just dug them up a few weeks ago to plant them back in spring.
    Regards, Janneke

  8. That's crazy that it took us nearly a week later to get a real frost. Looks like milder weather is on it's way and will break us out of the 'dry ridge'. It's weird to have this weather pattern so early in the meteorological winter. Happy Winter Alison! Spring is one season away!


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