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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Evidence of Raccoons

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the stream turns off every night and comes back on in the morning, the raccoons are back. Well, at least one we know of for certain. He/She (I think it's probably a she) hasn't done much damage to the garden (yet), but that may be just because she hasn't brought her entire family along for a visit.

I found a few pieces of this 'Blue Spruce' Sedum, which is planted at the top of the waterfall, floating in the stream

I planted this 'Blue Spruce' Sedum at the top of the waterfall earlier this spring, hoping it will eventually obscure the plastic. I've also found a handful of rocks that have been knocked into the weir.

I've also found lots of shredded water hyacinth, which I planted in the streambed for the first time this year. I think she has been rooting around in it, looking for snails.

The water hyacinth has multiplied quite a bit, but so far no sign of flowers. I hope she leaves it alone.

I found this on the back "lawn." All those bits and pieces are made of feathers, fibers and dried moss, which makes me think it was a bird's nest that she knocked out of a tree and tore apart.
One of the larger chunks -- but no sign of eggs or baby birds

And here is the best evidence yet that the raccoons have returned -- a video taken by my son when he visited a couple of weekends ago. There was a lot of speculation at the time that it was Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, looking for Groot.

Groot, out in my garden, sitting on the recycled concrete wall. I made him from a castor bean root, and posted about creating him here.