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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- March 2017


We don't got no stinkin' blooms!

All we got here is rain. Rain and mud.

A view of the garden through rain-streaked windows

Splish, splash

I am sick of this pluvial plenitude. When we do get the occasional hour or so reprieve from rain, I feel the need to rush out there ("Quick! Grab the secateurs!" yells my Inner Garden General) and mow down and clean up winter's old baggage. The result, after months of inactivity, is feeling for several days like I've been hit by a truck, with muscle aches where I didn't realize I had muscles. I swear, the only activity harder on the human body than gardening is professional sports.

But I do have some blooms, and I decided to risk getting the camera wet yesterday so I could capture some photos.

But first, the greenhouse:

Begonia 'Baby Dress' -- grown for its foliage, but its dainty flowers are cute too

Old lady cactus' tiny pink flowers

And out in the garden:



Too many others -- Snowdrops, Winter aconite, Cyclamen coum, Hellebores, etc. -- required becoming a contortionist in the rain on cold, very wet ground and I wasn't up for that.

I hope you have a lovely, dry, bloom-filled Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, wherever you are! GBBD is hosted by Carol at May Dream Gardens on the fifteenth of every month. Check out her post here.


  1. Okay, if I wasn't already in love with you, I would be now. Pluvial plenitude made my day. So weary of the wet and gray. Nice bloomers! (Pretty flowers too.) Can you talk with Mother Nature about this solar sparsity?

  2. Thank goodness for greenhouses providing a dry space to do even a little gardening. Love your garrya!

  3. I have lots of lovely tete-te-tete daffodils blooming that I can see from my windows, but I have not been out in the garden to visit them. I do hear that tomorrow it MIGHT stop raining for a few hours.

  4. yes rain and mud, though we have had about a 10 day respite from rain which has allowed for weed pulling. More rain on the way though.

  5. I'm betting that in another month or so your garden is going to burst forth with one wonder after another, Alison. In the meantime, I'm pretty impressed with that Garrya - after one year in the ground mine is still only inches tall and, of course, tassel free (although I'm giving myself one point for the fact that it's not actually dead yet). And Hepatica - a plant I can only dream about...

  6. You made me laugh and I feel your pain. I am done with this shit.

  7. We know what it is like to have endless rain, I feel for you! One day it will be dry and your garden will be back to normal. Love the begonia flowers, so dainty and pretty. Thanks for braving the rain to take a few photos.

  8. Oh, sorry. :( Surely it will sun-up any day now?

    Your Garrya still manages to be lovely.

  9. We had our biggest snow of winter on the 15th. You just never know. We could use some of your rain. Lucky you have a greenhouse to escape to. That little begonia is sweet. Happy GBBD.

  10. We've got to have some relief soon! It's shame..all this rain as I think you have such a pretty spring garden. I hope your feet aren't getting webbed up there!

  11. Oh dear, how miserable. Your close ups in the greenhouse and the rain on the hepatica, however, are fabulous.

  12. Wow, that looks wet. I do love the Hepatica, though.

  13. I've just heard about Bloom Day. What is it please?


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