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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and a Series of Wednesday Vignettes

For both Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Wednesday Vignette, which this week fall on the same day, I offer both a smattering of current blooms and a series of vignettes. Many months, bloggers, me included, use Bloom Day to catalog what blooms when, to contrast and compare what is blooming this year with what has bloomed in past years. Of course, neurotic person that I am, I worry that can too often deteriorate into a tediously long post full of boring pictures that have appeared over and over.

So, here you go. Hopefully, you won't be bored.

One of these is Woodlander's Hardy, but I don't know if it's this one...

Or this one...

When I redid the front garden, I added lots of lilies with this color scheme, but I promptly forgot all their names

I need more species milkweed

Lobelia tupa is so alien, it looks like a painting of a flower

Himalayan honeysuckle

Tradescantia 'Bilberry Ice'

Cupid's Dart

Alstroemeria and bug with color-matched thorax

Volunteer foxglove

Eremurus -- note the bottom of the bloom, burnt to a crisp after our recent heat wave

Anna at Flutter and Hum hosts Wednesday Vignette. Check out today's post here.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Check out her post here.


  1. I'm posting this comment from my phone because my computer is being silly again and won't let me post on blogs. No worries about any of your pictures being boring, Alison! I'm always amazed at the varieties you grow, not the same old stuff I have here, ha. So much beauty in your gardens, always a pleasure to visit.

  2. Even a little crispy that eremurus is stunning. And look at all those lily buds! Our next heat wave comes this weekend...

  3. Lobelia tupa

    Yes, it does look like a painting.
    And what fabulous flower portraits you make. some really look like works of art, with that ethereal background. Nikon I presume?

  4. I, for one, am never bored by photos of beautiful flowers (and I seem to be incapable of the restraint you exercise with your Bloom Day posts, despite regularly declaring my intent to follow suit). Your profusion of lilies in bloom and in bud (whatever their name) is fabulous and has me kicking myself that I didn't try adding more to my own garden this year. I'm also impressed that you match your bugs with your flowers!

  5. Man, I love that Aesclepius! I just planted two variegated ones and they look terrible. If we get some more heat they may rally. These are gorgeous shots but please don't worry about being boring with your flower parade - I love to see what's successful for you!

  6. Nope, not bored! Love that gorgeous lily.

  7. I am waiting and waiting for my Lobelia tupa to bloom. Waiting and waiting.

  8. Love your Eremurus and no, I'm not bored at all!

  9. Wow, that Eremurus is a serious flower! The Lobelia tupa does have a sort of unearthly quality to it. Beautiful, though.

  10. Never bored with your photos, Alison - or your plants, for that matter. I can never remember plant names either, but who cares when you can make them look so good? Love the Eremurus and the two-tone lily - scrumptious!

  11. Your bloom day photos are always interesting. You're such a great gardener that even your bugs are color coordinated. Yowsa!


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