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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Wedding Garden at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

Both Disneyland and DisneyWorld are popular venues for weddings. Of course I had to spend some time on our first day exploring the Wedding Garden at the Grand Californian Hotel, where we stayed.

From across the garden, I was pretty sure those red trunks were one of my favorite trees -- Arbutus menziesii

The flowers certainly greatly resemble the ones on my relative, Arbutus unedo compacta

The fruit as well

The Heuchera and Cordyline make a perfect match to the red trunk

Could this be a Hebe?

Impressive tree ferns

Tree ferns and Restios




There were a couple of beds full of roses that looked like they had been cut back once already and were just starting a second flush of bloom.

Audio-animatronic snail. Hehe, not really.

We walked back and forth through this garden several times on our way to the parks, and it was such a peaceful, lovely oasis in the middle of the busy hotel. I was always so surprised to see so few people in it. Instead they were all madly rushing hither and yon. Can you imagine having your wedding at Disneyland in this garden? I think it would be fabulous fun!


  1. I think Disney does such a nice job with their gardens, all things considered. I'd love to see their greenhouses. You know they have full sizes of everything, potted up and ready to go, just in case.

  2. Not surprised it looks in good order, a lovely garden to your wedding photos in :)

  3. Who knew? Gardens in any urban setting are much needed, I agree. I want an audio-animatronic slug for my garden, so I can turn it off ;-)

  4. It's the happiest garden on earth! Seriously, it's lovely and it would be great fun to get married there although Bella Madrona might also be a fab wedding venue.

  5. I couldn't help but wonder what it costs to get married at Disneyland but, then, I'm no one to judge - I got married in a local traffic court. The purple flowered plant is a Hebe, probably H. speciosa. I think the plant with the long tubular flowers is actually a Fuchsia, possibly F. fulgens.

  6. Definitely look like a Hebe to me. The Phygelius looks more like a Fuchsia. What an amazing place. Those fern trees are awesome!

  7. Yes to the Hebe and yes to a fuchsia. Lovely garden to your hotel, the heuchera and tree trunks are so good together.

  8. I one does gardens like's why I love their parks and hotels.


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