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Friday, February 20, 2015

Flowers That I Didn't Show For Bloom Day

For Garden Bloggers Bloom Day I showed only Hellebores, of which I have many. But there are plenty of other flowers out there, and I figured it would be useful to have a record of them for winter 2015, which is shaping up to be unusually warm and dry, with an early spring.

Grecian windflower/Anemone blanda




Garrya elliptica, flowering despite its short stature and manky foliage

Cyclamen coum

Erythronium already up and flowering, evidence of the above-mentioned early spring



Indian plum

Grevillea 'Marshal Olbricht'

Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Akebono'

And in the greenhouse:

Variegated Abutilon

Abutilon 'Red Tiger'

It's beginning to feel like spring is an unstoppable juggernaut. What do you think? I won't be surprised if there's another cold spell in our future, but I hope not.