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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Quick and Dirty Love Letter to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

After three long days of pounding the concrete floor at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, I've finally run out of flower-show induced adrenaline. So I thought I'd sit and do a quick once-over of the halfway decent pictures I managed to take of things I loved at the show, and share them. My poor feet are very happy that I am sitting down.

One of the things plant-a-holics go to the show for is to shop for plants. There seemed to be fewer plant vendors this year than in the past, and I hope that is a temporary thing and not a trend.

Christianson's Nursery booth

Ravenna Gardens booth

Dig Floral and Garden booth

Begonia 'Green Streak'

Begonia 'Escargot'

Aloe humilis 'Hedgehog'

I was really thrilled to see a booth selling a large selection of Talavera pottery at great prices.

Talavera skeleton lady

Here are a few nicely done details from the Display Gardens and the Small Space Showcase.

Begonia, Bromeliad, primrose, jasmine and probably a dark-leaved Cordyline in a pot in "The Romance of Steampunk" by Whitby Landcare & Design

Fritillaria meleagris and Hellebore in RHR Horticulture's Small Space Showcase "An Urban Botanical Retreat"

Foliage contrasts provided by Carex, Hosta and Bergenia in West Seattle Nursery's "Birds Do It... Bees Do It..."

Orchids in a naturalistic woodland setting in the Northwest Orchid Society's "Lettre d'Amorchid"

A river of red tulips in "A Garden Built With Love" by Adam Gorski Landscapes

Flowering Hamamelis in "Over The Moon" by the Washington chapter of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers

I have three day's worth of pictures and memories to go over, so there will be more posts. Happy Valentine's Day to all you garden lovers!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Looks like the Flower and Garden Show was a lot of fun!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! I'm so glad you have posted a few great pictures from the show so we can see how it's going.

    The skeleton lady is a "Catrina".

  3. What an enchanting way to fight the winter gardening doldrums! Thanks for the wonderful plant and garden show scenes. I am enamoured of those swirling begonias. Happy Valentine's Day! I'm looking forward to Hortlandia.

  4. Wonderful Valentine to your readers, and you say it's only the beginning?

    I would love a planter with sides made like the skelton lady's dress but she's a little much, isn't she?

    I could almost taste the red tulips, they look so delicious. Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. Thanks for sharing some of your photos for the garden show, Alison. Our local show doesn't happen until late April so I need these visual fixes. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. I would have to take home another Witchhazel! That is a great shot. Oh, I wish that the rodents didn't eat all my tulips~Love them so and miss them....Alison, our Lawn and Garden show is next month and over the years there are less garden plants and a lot more hardscape dealers there to sell us ginormous outdoor kitchens!

  7. Thanks for the preview Alison! Rest your weary feet and looking forward to your posts!

  8. Hearts & Flowers to you, Alison.
    I am usually too beat after viewing the whole show at our little YG&PShow to even think of hauling plants home (it's usually a bit of a hike to the car). I can't even imagine what it would be like at the much larger show in Seattle. You are such a trooper! If there are lots like me perhaps it's not such a great venue for selling plants.

  9. Love seeing the photos from the show....miss having one of those close by.

  10. One year I WILL make it to the NWFGS! I mean it!

  11. The last three photos are my favorite. Oh those tulips. I feel the fever.

  12. I noticed that there were fewer plants for sale this year too. However we seldom buy plants there anyway. It's just not the time of year for us to want to deal with plants. When we get outside we are pruning and doing winter clean up.

  13. Thanks for sharing some of your photos, Alison! I wish I could have been there.

  14. Mistletoe Cactus in Bloom

    If this works, you will see a picture of a Rhipsalis bloom. If it doesn't I'll rmember to show you them when buds open.

  15. Oh you lucky have had loads of fun I can tell...what glorious sights but those begonias are amazing especially, Begonia 'Green Streak'. Now I have to find it!

  16. Thanks for the memories! So much great stuff to look at, enjoy, buy at the show! We have to talk about our hauls! Also, thanks for the heads up about Home Depot getting a new shipment of the little succulents. I now know what's going in several of those tiny pots I posted about last week! Next year, I'm going to try to be at the show longer!

  17. I love the red tulips and the escargot begonia. I'm a sucker for a plant with pretty foliage. :)


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