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Friday, September 12, 2014

Pixie in the Shadows

The other morning while pulling weeds in the front garden I was struck by how beautiful the sun looked shining through the petals of one of my seed-grown Dahlias. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.

I didn't realize till I looked at them on the computer, that it looks like a wee pixie is hiding behind the flower. Doesn't that look like a pixie to you?

But of course, by the time I ran back outside to see, the pixie had flown.


  1. I have heard that pixies don't like to be spied upon...Thanks for the imaginative look at your garden!

  2. Either a wee pixie or a huge poisonous insect poised to bite you and then kick the petals of your dahlias off the flowers. Pretty though.

  3. Oh to grow more the colors...

  4. Did you save seed for your dahlias and did they come true from seed? I have been trying to grow darker and darker reds, and this year I have some lovely colours. No pixies though.

  5. I too love when the sun shines through petals. It is like there are little stained glass windows throughout the garden. Great photos.

  6. Yes, I can see her, how sweet. Beautiful Dahlia too!


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