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Friday, September 26, 2014

I Can Art

Now that the rain has made its reappearance, I've started concentrating on a few art projects for the garden. I made four cement stepping stones with colorful tiles from Bedrock Industries, a glass-recycling company in Seattle.

I set them into the gravel in front of the greenhouse, on each side of the concrete pad in front of the door. I'm planning to stencil words onto the open space on the pad.

Oh Baby!

I also bought a ceramic baby doll head and arms when I was at JJ DeSousa's store Digs Inside and Out last time I was in Portland. I decided to paint them blue. And I bought some silly eyeballs to go with it. There's a battery-operated light inside the head that lights up the eyes at night.

Flower Power

I made a second thrift store glass and ceramic flower, complete with a pretty stained glass butterfly, and I added a little cloisonne butterfly to the first one that I made, that has been in the garden all summer.

Rubber Duckie, You're The One!

I bought three rubber duckies to put in the stream. I thought they might stay in the weir at the top of the falls, but the stream is too strong and keeps carrying them down to the opposite end (which is fun to watch). Except for one that the raccoons have moved around. I'm going to have to figure out a way to keep them anchored somewhere.

The Sky's the Limit...

I bought a tall ceramic vase at the thrift store for a couple of bucks, and I'm working on painting it in bright colors for a special spot in the garden. The top is going to be a very soft sky blue.

Where the mad artist (that's me) has been working.

Now, if I can just work up the lung capacity to blow up that inflatable Tyrannosaurus that I bought...

For the origin of the phrase "I Can Art," read Frances's inspirational post at her blog Fairegarden here.


  1. My left brain wanted that doll head and hands to get a cloth body and a pretty baby dress.

    At the Glass-recycling site, my mouth watered.

  2. The baby head eyes light up at night? That is FABULOUS!

  3. Wow! You are creative. Where do you get the ideas from? I' m not sure about your blue doll though, it 's a bit scary. Specially with eyes that light up at night. Yikes!

  4. What fun! I love the scary blue baby. And all of the colors you are using are wonderful.

  5. The baby spooked me at first but I was surprised to find I liked it in blue and "planted." However, I wasn't surprised to learn that the raccoons are carrying off the ducks...

  6. Very creative Alison, and fun! And the baby could be an offspring from one of the members of the Blue Man group!

  7. You are so funny and so talented! The rubber ducks were the best!

  8. I love everything but the baby is slightly terrifying. But I love your sense of humor. :o) Too bad it can't reach out and touch people as they go by. That would be even more fun. ;o) You are really creative. Still collecting phlox seeds for you.

  9. Wow these are inspiring as I want to do some art projects for the garden...thanks for the inspiration Alison.

  10. The baby totally creeped me out.


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