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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, February 2014

Welcome to my first Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post of 2014. I haven't posted pictures of my own garden for Bloom Day since October 2013. I do have a little handful of flowers blooming, and darn it! I'm going to show them off.

Lots of Hellebores. Here's a sample. It's hard to get good photos of them, since so many face the ground.

Cyclamen coum are flowering too. Another flower that requires getting down nearly on my belly.

Hepatica is close to flowering, it has plenty of unopened buds. But as of 5 p.m. yesterday, they were all still closed.

And my witch hazel 'Jelena' is still flowering too. These flowers last a long time.

While technically it's not out in my garden, I do have one very confused Brugmansia about to bloom in my windowless garage. I realized my Brugs have leafed out because the construction guys had the garage door open every day for 8 hours or so while they were working, so even though it was quite cold, they were getting plenty of sunlight.

That's it for my garden. Hop on over to Carol Michel's blog May Dreams Gardens here and check out all the other Bloom Day posts from garden bloggers around the world.