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Monday, September 16, 2013

Foliage Followup -- September 2013

So many flowers have gone past now that fall is (almost) here. It's the foliage that will carry the garden from here till next spring! Here's a selection of some of the foliage stars in my garden right now.

Red Twig Dogwood is starting to turn

There's a lot of orange showing up in the Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' foliage

Melianthus major is still pumping out new leaves

Love that pleated foliage

The same with my purple Melianthus

Glowing in morning sun

Heuchera 'Tiramisu' and 'Snow Angel'

Farfugium japonicum 'Aureomaculata' and Carex

Carex, Heuchera, Impatiens omeiana and Pulsatilla

Ligularia 'Dragon Wings'

Wait! What's this bright green thing doing in the bugbane foliage? Hold still, so I can catch you and take you to Portland for the Bloggers Swap. I wonder what Loree will give me in exchange for you?


Castor Bean foliage with Brugmansia -- There was a Castor Bean here last year in a pot, which dropped seeds into the gravel, now there's a baby growing in the gravel amongst the pots

Begonia luxurians

Musa sikkimensis 'Red Tiger'

New banana leaf unfurling

Solanum quitoense

Check out Pam Penick's blog Digging here, the host for Foliage Followup on the 16th of every month. Join her and other bloggers in celebrating the beauty of leaves!


  1. What a wide range of foliage, so many interesting leaves. The Melaianthus has great texture. The Carex really shines as a companion plant. I adore your little garden visitor, I don't see them much but have heard one croaking recently. The Loropetallum looks great, I especially like burgundy foliage as well as variegated.

  2. Hi Alison,

    Question: How are caring for your Impatiens omeiana? I have a small, just-purchased one and I'm wondering about watering. It seems that it is kind of particular with its requirements--not too much, not too little... so what are you doing?

    I saw that Farfugium at the HPS sale in Rickreal this past Saturday. She wanted $20 for a good sized plant but I didn't get it. Now I'm kicking myself. She said if it doesn't get frosted it will stay green all winter. I could put it under my patio and ... oh well. Yours looks great with the similarly-colored Carex.

    Sweet little frog visitor. Don't you love them?

    1. Grace, far it hasn't been too fussy. It's planted in a spot that gets a little overspray from the grass sprinklers, plus in the summer when it was hot and dry, it got watered by a sprinkler that I drag around. I noticed when it was in direct sun late in the afternoon it would wilt, but it would perk up overnight and if I watered it. For most of the day it gets a combination of shade and sun, alternating. Hope that helps.

  3. Oh man...he's so cute (your frog friend). So jealous. Your garden must be more welcoming than mine...

  4. Ah, more reason for my non-buyer's remorse in passing on that banana plant on Saturday...

  5. Awww - you have a frog!!! How did you manage that? I wonder if they'd come if I had a pond... When I worked in the Delaware Watergap I used to open the front door wide at night to let in all the frog song. It was marvelous! My roommate gave me a cassette tape with different kinds of frog song on it for a parting gift. Believe it or not, I still have it, and listen to it once in a while. Not a bad substitute for the real thing, but still... you're lucky!

  6. I always look forward to the Dogwood and the Cercis changing...they are so brilliant. I've been amazed how different areas in town have already started changing colors...we always seem to be the last in my 'hood.

  7. I always think I've killed Impatiens omeiana, It's planted under my Arctostaphtlos, so it doesn't get much water. It always disappears mid summer. I think ...KILLED IT...them it appears again the following year. Maybe I should move it !

  8. Well, that was fun. I'm working on not feeling inadequate as I read all of your botanical names, many of which are meaningless to me. I think I have stopped storing plant names. Maybe that cranial file is full.

  9. Great capture of Melianthus's beauty.

  10. I'm lusting after that gorgeous purple melianthus!!! That is truly stunning. This is a great time of the year in the garden. Things are really at the height of their glory.

  11. Beautiful foliage and your little green frog is way cute! Tetrapanax is sneaky. It'll just sit there for a while and then one year you'll find suckers coming up in far away places.

  12. How I wish Melianthus was hardy here! Tetrapanax is being given the zone 6 test this winter (with protection). Fingers crossed. Foliage rules!

  13. Fabulous foliage .....our red twig is turning too.


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