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Sunday, October 7, 2012

What I've Been Doing With All Those Rocks

Remember all those rocks that came out of the bed where I planted my two new trees? Well, I originally hauled all those rocks into the back yard and dumped them near the shed.

Then, I had a brilliant idea for what to do with them. So I hauled a bunch of them back into the front. It was good exercise.

My brilliant idea was jump-started by looking through all the pictures I've pinned on Pinterest of dry stream beds and edging ideas using rocks, like this and this and this.

And then I looked for even more dry stream bed pictures, like this and this and this. (Hopefully, all those links will work.)

I have no shortage of inspiration (or perspiration, come to think of it). I really am afraid that what is lacking is imagination. Although -- no, I can imagine quite a lot, so maybe it's the implementation that's the problem.

I spent plenty of time last week on my hands and knees in that bed (again), placing rocks (I was also planting/replanting/transplanting perennials and shrubs, but that's another post).

The front edge of the bed, near the street

My neighbor saw me out there and said if I needed more rocks, she knew where I could get them (apparently she has a pile very much like mine).

Around the corner. The line is too straight and uniform, but it's hard when so many of the somewhat larger rocks are all the same size and shape.

We kind of commiserated about the joys of gardening in such sandy, rocky soil. She said she had considered doing something similar to what I'm attempting, but she was afraid it would just look like a random pile of rocks.

Too straight. Maybe I can disguise that by draping it with plants.

Actually starting to run out of the smaller river rock

Trying to vary them as much as possible

Hopefully mine looks a little better than a random pile of rocks. I think I need to add something to it. Glass bottles? Pots? Some kind of garden decor? And, of course, more plants.