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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flowering Right Now

Since the last day of the NWFGS I have been wracked by a bad cough that just will not let go of me. I thought maybe I felt a cold coming on that day, but I tried to deny it to myself. But since then, about a week and a half ago, I have been coughing. Some days I have little to no energy, and very little appetite. (You'd think I would have lost weight, but noooooo, that would be too much to expect).

My dad used to say "Look out, casket, I'm coughin'" -- a silly play on words that amused him.

Today the sun actually came out for a while, and it didn't rain. The sun enticed me out to take some pictures of the few flowers I have in my garden.

There are quite a few Hellebores.

This one might be Red Lady.

Ivory Prince

This might be Red Lady too. I got one last year, but can't remember where I planted it.

This one is called Tutu. I got it at the NWFGS.

I have a few Cyclamen coum flowers.

It looks like I have lots of baby Cyclamen too. Last year's flowers must have dropped some seeds.

I have a few pretty primroses. I like this one with its pink picotee edge. The slugs have been chewing on it. I must remember to buy more Sluggo.

This vibrant blue primrose really stands out.

I have one little patch of snowdrops flowering.

Aren't they cute?

Mahonia x meadia 'Charity' is flowering for the first time since I planted them two years ago. I hope I get some fruit from it later this year. I hear birds love the "grapes."

BTW, I removed word verification from the comments on my blog. I've had such a problem on other blogs that use it, the Captcha image that they use is so hard to make out. I don't think it's my old lady eyesight either, I've heard this from others as well.