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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Sun Came Out On Mother's Day....

Just long enough for me to take a turn around the garden and take some pictures of the few flowers that are blooming, and lots of flowers about to bloom. If it ever warms up just a little. I was out there on Friday, and while I wasn't working on the flower beds (I was planting tomatoes in pots), it seemed like there were lots of things budding up today that weren't there as recently as two days ago.

The lowest flowers on the stalks of Fringecups are open.

This big healthy clump should make lots of babies next year.

Looks like last year's self-sowed noticeably.

Tiarella is starting to flower.

Candytuft, planted last year from seed, has been trying to flower for at least a month, maybe two.

Dicentra 'Gold Heart' has filled out its flowers.

The native Dicentra formosa as well.

My native Delphinium, bought at one of the many Spring plant sales, has turned blue overnight, it seems.

Only a few days ago, the shooting star had only one flower open.

There are lots of plants in bud, just waiting for a little more sun and warmth.


Centaurea montana

Prairie smoke

Variegated Jacob's Ladder

Black Elderberry

Variegated Solomon's Seal


C'mon Sun!


  1. BEAUTIFUL post, Alison. I'm always astounded to see just how very many different species you have growing in your lovely garden! They all look so healthy and happy :) but I guess that's to be expected from a true master gardener such as you! I always find you so inspiring!!!

  2. You have many flower plants that I don't recognise or seen before. Tiarella is new to me and I wish I have it too in my garden.

  3. Alison, your garden is just springing to life, so many gorgeous flowers. The delphinium is new to me, very pretty. Love the Shooting Star, fringe cups and the gold bleeding heart as well.

    I would love to stroll through your lovely gardens.

  4. I love all your natives mixed in with some gorgeous hybrids. Isn't it funny that Dicentra *formosa* is a native...with a species name like that, it sounds like it's from Asia, no? I'm impressed with all the plants you have growing in just the few years you've been gardening at this location...I'm feeling like a bit of a slacker!

  5. Beautiful! I purchased some white and some pink 'shooting stars' at FlorAbundance. I think that they are the cutest little flowers!
    You will have quite the display when all those buds burst into bloom. With some luck, soon!

  6. They promised sun today, but I'm still waiting to see it. Your garden is looking great, I've got many plants at about the same stage. I didn't know there was a native Delphinium, I wonder if the slugs like it as much as the other kinds? Hope those buds get to open soon.

  7. wonderful, wonderful blooms! you've reminded me I simply MUST make room somewhere this year for some Tiarella...every spring I'm saddened that I didn't plant some the year before. The Prairie Smoke is another plant I keep meaning to find a spot've made me envious!

  8. Wow you have an amazing assortment of flowers. truly lovely - I am always amazed by the spring flowers that appear in places that have a true winter.

  9. We jumped right into summer temps, so I would appreciate the spring type weather.... thank goodness for A/C.
    Love that little Tiarella bloom stalk, very sweet.

  10. Hi Allison,
    You have a nice variety of blooms there! I have never heard of fringecups or native delphiniums. I love them! I need to go check on the Solomon's Seal I got from a friend. I've been forgetting to water it.

  11. I love the flowers in your garden. Keep up the good work!

  12. Your garden is so beautiful, and you have all my favorite flowers. I especially like your Tiarella photos.

  13. I too especially love your Tiarella photos. Isn't it nice when the sun comes out? It's such a rare thing this spring.

    BTW, my blog address is NOW I'm just letting everyone know. Thanks.

  14. So many pretties grow and thrive in the PNW. Your garden is looking great.

    You asked about Buffy and whether she can dig in rocky soil? She's never had the opportunity but she would sure try. She's like a backhoe.

  15. Wow. Wow. Wow.!! What are Fringecups? Those look really nice, and the Tiarella!! (are you saving seeds from that one? hint hint! lol)

    I love the Prairie smoke as well, I purchased those but so far nothing has germinated. Trying to be patient! :)


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