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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Sun Came Out On Mother's Day....

Just long enough for me to take a turn around the garden and take some pictures of the few flowers that are blooming, and lots of flowers about to bloom. If it ever warms up just a little. I was out there on Friday, and while I wasn't working on the flower beds (I was planting tomatoes in pots), it seemed like there were lots of things budding up today that weren't there as recently as two days ago.

The lowest flowers on the stalks of Fringecups are open.

This big healthy clump should make lots of babies next year.

Looks like last year's self-sowed noticeably.

Tiarella is starting to flower.

Candytuft, planted last year from seed, has been trying to flower for at least a month, maybe two.

Dicentra 'Gold Heart' has filled out its flowers.

The native Dicentra formosa as well.

My native Delphinium, bought at one of the many Spring plant sales, has turned blue overnight, it seems.

Only a few days ago, the shooting star had only one flower open.

There are lots of plants in bud, just waiting for a little more sun and warmth.


Centaurea montana

Prairie smoke

Variegated Jacob's Ladder

Black Elderberry

Variegated Solomon's Seal


C'mon Sun!