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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fertilizer Friday -- Hepatica, Anemone and Others

It's Friday again already! Time to flaunt my flowers for Fertilizer Friday, a blogging meme hosted by Tootsie at Tootsie Time.

It's mostly still spring ephemerals. Although there are a few new plants, recently bought, that are flowering.

Hepatica nobilis

Anemone nemorosa

Trillium ovatum

Claytonia sibirica

Corydalis flexuosa 'Purple leaf'

Erythronium tuolumnense 'Pagoda'

Erythronium oregonum

Double Hellebore

My little patch of Siberian Squill

Cycalmen coum (this has been blooming since I bought it at the NWFGS)

Mukdenia rossii 'Crimson Fans'

There was a time not that long ago, when I said I didn't like Euphorbias. Well, I like this one, and bought a few to plant beside the stream. The flowers are kinda skunky-smelling when you get close, but they're on the far side of the stream, so I don't have to smell them.

In fact, I bought a few, and I've planted them with a bunch of peach-colored Heucheras and primroses, and ornamental grasses.

I used to say I didn't like peach, salmon pink or orange in the garden too.

Even old ladies can change their minds.

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  1. WOW beautiful photos! Woodland flowers are some of my favs. That primrose is amazing!! Big and gorgeous!

  2. Oh my goodness - I have never seen a more beautiful primrose. I love the warm shades together! Like you the salmon and orange (especially rosy-orange) colors are growing on me.
    And thanks for stopping by to comment on my post.

  3. Beautiful, fantastic blooms! Spring is sprung here, finally, yay!

  4. You have so many types of flowers to flaunt this Friday. Frankly, they are all not common for me in the tropics.

    To grow lotus, you can either use the seeds or the roots. I think it's easier with roots. Roots and soil are put in a plastic container without holes. The whole plastic pot is then soaked in a bigger container; in my case, a big decorative terracotta pot. I get only one bloom at a time since the container is small. Fertilizer for aquatic plants is used monthly. Hope this helps. Btw, the seeds are edible. Taste good too.

  5. Hi Bonney, I missed the other question. No, I have not grown peter peppers before. I had bishop's hat pepper. Why? You related this to the fruit I posted? LOL!

  6. With this wonderful assortment of plants, I'll bet your garden is beautiful right now!!

  7. Hi Alison!

    I have not been up to blogging this week so I have fallen far behind. It's so good to see how much pleasure your garden is bringing you right now. My favourites here are all the blues :) I can't help it...I'm a sucker for blue in the garden! But all your other flowers are lovely, too! Enjoy the Spring sunshine and your super new porch!


    Des xoxo

  8. You really have alot going on there Alison. And I love your Corydalis flexuosa 'Purple leaf' it's so delicate looking. I said the peach remark too and am getting a real variety now from my original pink and purple yard. LOL Yes, you're right even old ladies can change their minds. ;-)

  9. love all of your garden spots. Lots of color to flaunt this week :)

  10. You're not an old lady! :) I love all of your early spring bloomers, they are so delicate looking. I really need to add some Erythronium. It's funny how our feelings about colors change, I never liked orange flowers until a few years ago. Now I have several.

  11. PS You should link up to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day today too, you have so many pretty flowers to share.

  12. Who's talking old? LOL I love that primrose. I too wouldn't allow peach/orange in my garden but now I've got one border devoted to it. Love all your spring ephemerals. I want to see more of your pond/stream. Pretty please. :)

  13. The hellebore is beautiful. I didn't think we could grow them this far south, but my mom has had one do great. Nice blooms. Have a great weekend

  14. I love your Spring ephemerals. That's something I don't do at all well, so I love seeing great examples like yours. That Corydalis is lovely and I so appreciate your pictures of your Erythroniums: now those I need some of!

  15. Oh, how pretty! That's a lovely assortment of bright blossoms. :)) I'm anxiously awaiting my own Squill to flower. Happy bloom day. :))

  16. Your plants are unreal! Love your pictures.

  17. I love every one of them, Alison! I went back and looked at some of your posts on the installation of your stream and afterwards. We do have similar situations! I love your looks wider and a bit deeper than mine. But I'm looking forward to planting around it! Haven't been able to get through all the 'earth day' posts yet...need to set aside a big chunk of time to go down the list! I'm going to Carolyn's Shade Gardens in PA this wkend and plan to buy a few natives. Erythronium is among them:-)

  18. Somehow I missed this blog. I love the delicate flowers! They are beautiful. Perfect photos also. I love the orange primrose! I planted mine outside and I'll be danged if Ella didn't eat it. I thought they were poisenous, but she lives to eat again. I appreciate that you swing through my blog. You are a kind person.

  19. You sure have some beauties there! I especially love the first ones, and the hellebore.

  20. I love changing my mind. I have one Siberian Scilla up and blooming, two more plants. I had five bulbs, thought they were planted by the Camellia, found two by the dogwood. hahaha@!!!

  21. Orange IS a complementary color for blue :)
    You sure have alot going on--I need to get my butt in gear and buy everything I see!


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