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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birdie Tracks in the Snow

Junco on the porch feeder

Waiting for a turn.

Snow on my beak.

He was there a second ago....Ah well, not fast enough with the camera.


  1. I love the snow tracks! I heard some rustling in a hydrangea today, never saw the bird inside but cute little tracks all around it. Very pretty pictures of the Juncos.

  2. I love to see bird tracks in the snow! Great shots!Loved the last one the most-lol!

  3. Here in Wisconsin, we're still waiting for a snowfall. Is it unusual for your area to have snow so early? Love the tracks in the snow and the birds look so plump and cute.

  4. Oh, my goodness me! I've just hopped on over to your blog to pay you a visit as I see you've visited mine and left me such lovely messages, for which, thank you so much, Alison ;)

    I will need a lot more time than I have available just now to enjoy a leisurely look/see of all that you have posted! I can see I'm in for a real TREAT!!!

    Your photographs are simply stunning. Can't wait to visit again...for now, just wanted to say thanks to you & how pleased I am to be able to share your garden with you from now on.

    Have a lovely day!

  5. You have snow and I have rainbows, the joy of blogging and sharing all those wonderful moments in the garden and not! Christina

  6. Just popped by again to see if you'd added anything new - and now I'm just jealous all over again of your gorgeous little bird! He's too beautiful and so fluffed up against the cold. He'd be such a cute addition to my garden birds.

  7. It's nice to see bird tracks in the snow!!
    Definitely try eating the radish greens next time you grow them. I like to saute them. They are slightly peppery like Arugula but not as peppery as the actual radish.


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