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Thursday, March 30, 2017

What I Stuck In Mickey's Shorts

Last year when we went to Disney World, I bought a couple of footed, EPCOT themed mugs to plant cactus in. I saw Mickey mugs that were basically the lower half of Mickey, just his shorts and legs and one arm, but thought that might be a lot to try to get back home in our luggage. So, this January, while we were at Disneyland I bought a couple of Mickey and Minnie mugs to plant in.

I've been to Watson's and Windmill nurseries looking for a couple of succulents to plant in them. Here's what I came up with.

I actually bought this blue cactus from the Dig Nursery booth at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

I don't know for sure but I think the blue cactus is some kind of Pilocereus.

Minnie got a Madagascar Palm aka Pachypodium -- I thought her top ring of leaves looked kind of like hair

They're living for now in the upstairs guest bathroom. There's no room out in the greenhouse.

The blue cactus was planted kind of low in the pot, I thought, so I planted it up a bit higher. I hope that works out, even if it does look a bit gross. I was afraid of it rotting, planted so low.

The top of the cactus also looks kind of hairy

Minnie is prickly too

Through a series of mishaps and miscommunication we actually ended up with a second set of Mickey and Minnie Mouse mugs (for free, courtesy of The Walt Disney Corp.) So I planted them up too.

Mickey and Minnie II

The tag on this just said "Cactus." I like the striations on it.

This is Aloe imalotensis. It has some nice stress coloring on it.

They keep me company behind the kitchen sink.