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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Vignette

For Wednesday Vignette, a shot of one last coneflower -- Echinacea 'After Midnight.' All the other Echinaceas in my garden are currently dried up and providing food for the many little birds - chickadees and juncos -- that flit through the beds looking for seeds. But this one final raggedy flower is hanging on.

Echinacea 'After Midnight'

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  1. Brave little soul still clinging to it's faded glory. So evocative of this time of year in our gardens.

  2. Ahh, poor little thing. I'm sure the snow flurry didn't help.

  3. The last scraggly remnants of long passed summer.

  4. The last hold-out. You just have to admire its resilience!


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