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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Garden in the Garage

Last weekend, during a break in the rain, Nigel and I moved the Brugmansias into the windowless garage for the winter. There's no heat vent in there, but it houses the furnace, so it stays warm enough. The Brugs used to spend winters in there before I got my greenhouse, where they lived last winter, taking up lots of valuable space. But they don't actually need the light of a greenhouse. They will eventually drop all their leaves, and I'll give them a drink of water maybe once or twice for the entire winter (from now until the end of February, basically).

Right now, though, they're still flowering, and yesterday morning when I entered the enclosed space to start the car to take Nigel to the train station, I noticed the wonderful, delicate scent from the currently open flowers.

Five Brugs all in a row

The furnace is not the usual backdrop for my pictures

Two more flowers perfuming the area

More flowers coming on

I wonder how many of them will actually open?