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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Vignette

A couple of weekends ago I enlisted the aid of my very own pack animal (aka Nigel) to start hauling my tender plants into the greenhouse, which I had cleaned all the tomatoes out of the day before. Nigel described this process as a cross between Plants vs. Zombies and Tetris. I call it The Great Migration (the fall version). There's a spring version too, where we haul them all OUT of the greenhouse and figure out where they're going to be displayed in the garden for the season.

There were a couple of plants that I brought into the house, one of which was the Begonia luxurians that I got a couple of years ago, as a rooted cutting from my garden touring buddy Peter The Outlaw Gardener. Every year it gets very tall and lanky, but I think this may be the first time it has flowered. It's sitting in my only south-facing window, getting as much sun as possible. In the spring I'm planning to knock it out of its pot, scruff up the root ball, and replace some of the soil with new, fertilizer-laced potting soil, a strategy that worked wonders on my Brugmansias. Hopefully, this will encourage the plant to be more lush next year, because the foliage is the main reason to grow this plant.

The flowers are cute too, though.

Begonia luxurians

I'm sharing this photo of the flowers backed by foliage for Wednesday Vignette, hosted by Anna at Flutter and Hum. Go here to see her post today.