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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Vignette

I took this photo the other day in preparation for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day/Foliage Followup, which is coming up later this week, but I realized when I looked it over that I was of two minds about it. Is it Bloom or is it Foliage?

I love the contrast between the blue leaves of the Schizachyrium 'Blue Heaven' against the multi-colored, warmer tones of the Panicum (probably 'Rotstrahlbusch'), which is topped by a filmy scrim of "flowers."

So I figured it made a good shot for Wednesday Vignette, hosted every Wednesday by Anna at Flutter and Hum. Check out her post, and be sure to check out the links from other bloggers in the comments.

Schizachyrium 'Blue Heaven' against Panicum