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Monday, September 14, 2015

Naked Ladies and Fun Guys

After a long, hot, dry summer in other parts of the country -- the American Southeast for example -- fall rains usher in an interesting plethora of pretty flowering plants -- rain lilies, oxblood lilies and so-called "naked ladies."

What arises here in the PNW after our first fall rains?


After our recent storm, two of these warty-looking clusters have appeared in one of my beds.

And a handful of these.

Here's an interesting-looking one. There's a couple of clusters of this as well.

And these little puffballs in the lawn, looking very much like what you might find on a real naked lady.

I tried planting oxblood lilies here my first year. I put the bulbs in the ground, and they disappeared without a trace -- no spring foliage, no early fall flowers, nada.

I guess I'll just have to be content with fungi. They can keep Nigel company -- he's a fun guy too.


  1. Fungi are an interesting bunch of 'flora' themselves!

  2. You do have a diverse collection of fun guys! That first batch is a little grotesque but the others look respectable. No fungi here! (I've heard you need moisture...)

  3. I found a fairy ring.

    Wonder when is the best time to plant Oxblood lilies? After the winter foliage dies back in summer? I could send you a new start. I started with one or two.

  4. The little round ones look mighty tasty. I'd be tempted to put a little bit on my tongue and see what happens.

  5. Oh, what cool and interesting mushrooms! Really fun guys!

  6. I wish I knew more about fungi. When I was little, people would always bring my dad mushrooms for identification. I didn't think much about it then, but by now, I realize how impressed I should have been. Oh well, I'm impressed now. Those things are IMPOSSIBLE to tell apart - let alone determine which are safe to eat. My hat's off to Dad!


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