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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Brazen Hussy

No, not me, although I did have my day many, many.....many years ago.

I'm talking about my Itoh peony 'Cora Louise' who burst into ecstatic bloom while we were away in California, and was still in bloom when we returned. She's flaunting a handful of blowsy flowers, all in various stages of openness.

Cuddling up with the foliage from an Eryngium 'Jade Frost'

At least she has the good sense to blush

Sneaking a peak at Cora's naughty bits

The poor girl, looking the worse for wear -- I fear the bees have had their way with her, and now the Dactylhorizae flower beside her is trying to steal her thunder

She's my only Itoh peony, and I'm as taken with her as the bees are. I don't know much about Itoh peonies, so I'm wondering if those naughty bits are now going to turn into an interesting and colorful seedpod. I sure hope so!