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Monday, January 12, 2015

Molbak's in Mid-Winter

OK, technically, it's not mid-winter, it's early winter, but it feels like spring is right around the corner, and besides, Molbak's in Early Winter lacks alliteration.

On a recent cold, gray, damp day Nigel and I ventured out to Molbak's, about an hour north of us in Woodinville. I had recently received an email notice form them that they were having a 30% off sale on all houseplants and pottery. Our conversation in the car went like this:

Nigel: So what's happening at Molbak's?
Alison: They're having a 30% off sale on houseplants.
N: But you don't like houseplants.
A: What? Yes, I do. All those tropical plants out in the greenhouse? Those are houseplants, it's just that they're out there.
N: Oh. Ok....Are we there yet?

Last time I was at Molbak's, before Christmas, I saw a couple of plants that I wanted, but sadly left behind, kind of the inverse of Buyer's Remorse. Call it Why Didn't I Buy That Remorse. So after getting Nigel safely ensconced in the little coffee shoppe there, I grabbed a cart and made the rounds.

Talavera gnomes!

Last time I was there, there was a lot more Talavera pottery, including plenty of those adorable geckos hanging on the wall.

I put that square pot on the right into my cart.

They had lovely, large crested bird's nest ferns.

I brought home one of the larger bird's nest ferns.

They had quite a few smaller ones too!

Look at the veins on these Alocasia 'Polly.' So cool. And irresistible! I put one of these in my cart as well.

I was so very tempted by these fabulous pitcher plants.

I almost put one of these in my cart. But I was afraid I'd end up killing it.

Nope! I left them behind.

They had lots of brightly colored Bromeliads, but I already have quite a few.

So bright and colorful though!

This gold-leaved Schefflera was tempting. But it's the houseplant one, not hardy outside here.

Monstera deliciosa is such a great name for a plant, isn't it?

I had seen these rat-rail cactus last time too, so I bought one of them.

This one, in fact!
There are apparently quite a few Latin names for rat tail cactus, and I'm not sure they're all synonyms. I think this might be Cleistocactus winteri, which is also called tarantula cactus. They do look rather spidery. It really should be hung, because of the arms/legs, but I think for a while I may just put it in that square Talavera pot.

They had lots of Echevarias, but none of them grabbed me, so I didn't grab back.

Some day I really should buy a Sanseveiria, I hear they're unkillable. These were a variety called 'Bantel's Sensation.'

All the signs had a common name of Snake Plant, but I've always known them as Mother-in-Law's Tongue.

This little spiky succulent is called Faucaria tigrina 'Tiger Jaws.'

I bought one, but I'm not crazy about those dandelion-like flowers.

Bird's nest ferns and flowering Kalanchoe

I was rather taken by these Tillandsias in shells, but I worried it would be hard to water them.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, it depends on how you look at it), the orchids weren't included in the 30% off sale. There were some beautiful specimens though.

Frost-proof AW Pottery is very popular, and was included in the sale

They had lots of great cachepots too

So colorful and retro-looking

I was tempted by these cool pots, shaped somewhat like Hershey's kisses.

Look what you can do with them!

Anyway, Molbak's is having a sale on houseplants and pottery, from now until the 19th of January, so if you're local, hie thee hence. I'm already suffering from Why Didn't I Buy That Remorse. Again.

The Hershey pots. The Monstera philodendron. The pitcher plant.


  1. Well you'll just have to go back... love the old coffee shoppe trick too. Perfect solution for hassle free shopping while still getting help to haul it all out to the car. :)

  2. They have some very, very nice pots there, even better that they offer hole drilling too which saves time!

  3. I also got that email and am thinking of going up this weekend. On the other hand, I really don't need another plant so not going might be best. Oh, who am I trying to kid? Shall I pick up your "wish I'd bought them" plants for you? It looks so colorful and warm in their house plant area!

  4. You didn't buy any of those beautiful deep orange pots? I swooned.

  5. I love Molbacs. You took me there my very first time.

  6. The Monstera philodendron is whispering your name Alison!

  7. How clever of Molbak's to have a coffee shop! (My husband normally naps in the car - if he even agrees to go along.) Love the Talavera pots and those spotty frost-proof pots.

  8. It was fun to see how our houseplant sale posts mirrored each other, at least a little.

  9. I like Molbaks, and all the color I find there in pots and plants. But this time of year I would just visit. I don't do much with "houseplants" anymore.

  10. In the third photo down I thought maybe you were getting that rusty planter. That is one that I'd kill for. :) Are the Birds' Nest Ferns a hardy variety? The one I have in the garden is looking rather beat up right now. Those are so fresh and elegant. Fun post.


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