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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pacific Coast Iris

Pacific Coast Iris have started flowering in my garden. I love this plant! It's one of the first natives I got for my garden, for free, at a plant swap down in Olympia, before I even had a garden here. I started with four pots of four different ones, and they have thrived and multiplied well. Last year for the first time I divided them, and spread them around. They can be finicky when you divide them, you have to do it in the winter, and they can't stay out of the ground for long. Last year I left some of mine out of the soil overnight, and lost several.

I brought some to last year's Spring Garden Bloggers Plant Exchange in Portland, and I still had yet more that I overwintered in pots to put in my front garden this spring. I bought two new ones last spring, and one of those died over the winter, even though I had planted it in pretty much the same conditions as my first bunch. Ah well. I had names for them once, but the tags have gotten lost in the last four years.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos of my Pacific Coast Iris as much as I enjoy seeing them flowering in the garden.

I posted about them for Wildflower Wednesday back in 2012. If you're curious about them and want more info,  you can read that post here.