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Monday, May 26, 2014

First Brug

Every morning when I prepare to drive Nigel to the train station for his morning commute, as the garage door rises, I give the front garden a very quick survey of my sweeping gaze. On Mother's Day weekend, I had moved all of my Brugmansias out into the gravel garden. A couple of days ago, I noticed the first Brugmansia flower had opened.

First Brug
Two more flowers opened the next day
It's easy to get lost in the ins and outs of such a beautiful, and beautifully scented, flower.

More buds waiting to open

There are no buds yet on my other three. Surely they won't let themselves be outdone by this variegated one? I'll have to start applying The Fecund Lens to them, although truthfully, these heavy feeders will probably respond more to some fertilizer. But we won't tell them that. It's the Helicopter Gardening (like Helicopter Parenting, i.e. parents who hover constantly) that does it.