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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where Do You Blog?

Recently Hoover Boo on the blog Piece of Eden wrote a blog post asking people where they blog, whether they have a view, and who stares at them, as well as answering all of those questions as they pertained to Hoov's own situation.

Anyway, we are going through summer's last gasp here right now, so instead of gardening, I just wrote 5 blog posts in a row, including this one.

This is where I sit when I blog.

This bookcase full of books is behind me against the wall. This is probably about half the number of books we owned when we lived in Massachusetts. We gave a lot away before we moved to the PNW.

There's a window just to my left, and this is my view.

Directly across the street.
You're in luck, because often there are one or two cars parked on the front lawn where those two white chairs are. They have an entire array of working and non-working cars and trucks and things that go in the back mostly out of sight. They also have a very noisy truck with no muffler that starts up every night at 4 a.m. We have no air conditioning, so in the summer when it's hot we sleep with our windows open. Until about 4 a.m.

The view to the left through the blinds where you can see my front bed with the Forest Pansy redbud.

The view to the right of my blooming Brugmansia, lilacs, and part of the gravel garden.
Who stares at me? Well, no one actually stares. Lightning just haunts me when I'm sitting there, and when she's hungry and wants to annoy me she paces back and forth across the keyboard.

Lightning, managing to be in two places at once

My other cat Magellan likes to sleep at my feet in the kneewell under the desk, and often when I sit down there I don't notice her, until I end up poking her with my stockinged feet. And then she pokes back, with pointy parts.

The barely awake eye-slit to see if I'm going to bother her with the camera.

Nigel doesn't come up here to the second floor and stare. Often when he wants to tell me something or show me something, he sends me an email from his own computer downstairs.

Where do you blog? And what's your view? Does anyone stare at you? Go to Hoover Boo's post and tell us all about it.