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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Favorite Plant in the Garden Right Now...

...Is my 'Bright Star' Yucca. I have three of them in my gravel garden, all doing well so far. At least one is looking so robust, I'm hoping it flowers next summer. I noticed them yesterday when I went out to take photos of my grasses for Wildflower Wednesday (you can read that post here). Purely by luck, I did something right when I planted them. All three seem to like the spots I chose for them. And I always have to keep in mind that they have yet to go through a difficult winter (other than being wet). Although they did get some snow on them last winter, it didn't last long.

Plenty of new growth coming up in the center

With Euphorbia foliage (those tips are very poky)

A couple of blades are looking a little rough!

Doing well amidst the grasses, next to a tall Agastache. This is the only one that is showing signs of the pinkish coloring that Bright Star is known for.

With lamb's ear

This is the one that really caught my eye yesterday -- Look at all those blades!

I hope it flowers next year
According to the Monrovia website, over time it will produce a short, broad trunk, giving it a tree-like appearance. The foliage is evergreen, and in cold temps or when stressed it has a pink cast to it. According to the San Marcos website: "This selection was a vegetative sport that was discovered in 2000 on a plant thought to be Yucca gloriosa by Albert Timothy Crowther at his nursery in Arundel, Great Britain. The sport was removed and rooted and a subsequent selection was made from shoots that emerged the following year with the final selection having a uniform and significant degree of golden variegation throughout the rosette. The plant has since been reproduced in a tissue culture laboratory." Its full name is Yucca gloriosa var. recurvifolia 'Bright Star' or 'Walbristar.'

Reputedly a slow grower, mine have produced many more blades than they had when I planted them last year, soon after the gravel garden was built.

Here are some stats:

Height: 1-2 ft. (3 feet with flowers)
Width: 3-5 ft.
Hardiness: Zone 7-10
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Very well-drained (will die in standing water)

You can buy it online from:

Sooner Plant Farm

The My Favorite Plant in the Garden meme is hosted by Loree at danger garden. Check out her post here, where she is focusing on Mangave 'Macho Mocha.' Other bloggers leave comments with links to their own posts, so be sure and check them out too!


  1. It's a gorgeous plant and proving to be be just as tough, or perhaps just slightly less than its reliable plain green cousin Y. recurvifolia.

  2. That coloring is gorgeous! And how smart of you to plant three--that's going to look rad.

  3. Your plants look so good!!! I realized yesterday that the driving rain had collapsed a branch of another plant right over the top of my 'bright star'...not good especially because it needs good air circulation as the rains continue and the temperatures drop. Must take care of that, thank you for reminding me!

  4. Very pretty, I have a weakness for variegated plants. I'm trying to picture it as a tree.

  5. I love this plant too! Yours really caught my eye when I first saw your garden last (was it late winter or early spring?) Happy almost October!

  6. I think this might make a good substitute for a Phormium I appear to have killed. I'll have to see if I can uncover a local source. Surprisingly, I only remember seeing it once before at a local nursery.

  7. It's a good one! I have 'Bright Edge' which is similar, but it's been lackluster for me. After reading this post, I wonder if drainage may be the culprit. If I end up hauling it out due to poor performance, I'll definitely consider 'Bright Star' as a replacement!

  8. I've always enjoyed those Yuccas with the pink cast. Yours look very healthy--I hope they make it through just fine this winter, too!

  9. I really love yucca and I really like the foliage of this one.

  10. This is such pretty variety. I love your gravel garden.

  11. Hi Alison, Recently I found a Yucca filamentosa 'Ivory Tower' at a nursery in Eugene. It is a nice creamy white instead of the yellow. I'm interested to see if it too will turn pinkish (you know me and pink) in the winter. I was growing 'Bright Star' but decided to dig it out and give it to my garden buddy Carol. That was at least five years ago. This year I noticed a small plant growing where I dug it. I must have left just enough root to grow another plant albeit slowly. I'm really glad because I regret getting rid of it but didn't want to be a bad friend and demand she give me back my Yucca. (Foot stomp.) ... Thank you for your kind words about my FB photo.

  12. That's one of my personal favourites!!!


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