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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back For a Repeat Performance!

Brrrrrr! We had a frost a couple of mornings ago! I'm hoping it's our last, but that's not likely. I went out to check and see how my newly emerging plants had fared in the cold. I was relieved to see many had decided to come back for a repeat performance this year, and were looking good despite the cold.

I planted four clumps of Lobelia tupa last year. All have come back, and have increased in size. Very heartening, since they flopped and never flowered last year. But it seems they like where I put them. We'll see later this year if they flop again. If they do, it might mean they need more sun. Maybe I'll move one of the largest clumps.

Lobelia tupa

My white Meconopsis is returning too. I posted about this plant last year when it flowered a surprising white.

Several clumps of Mertensia simplicissima, also planted last fall, bought at Fronderosa from Far Reaches Farm, hold out hope for gorgeous blue flowers!

Eryngium 'Big Blue' remained a tidy clump of basal growth last year. I'm hoping for flowers this time!

Eryngium 'Jade Frost' flowered nicely last year, its first year in the ground here, and produced an abundance of seeds, which I have already sown in pots. I'm hoping for more of this beauty, with lovely variegated foliage.

Thalictrum ichangense 'Evening Star' -- one is already up, the other hasn't reared its head yet

At least one of my ornamental Oreganos is looking good!

Glad to see my fall-planted golden Persicaria is coming back strong

I've tried many times over the years to grow Gentiana acaulis from seed, without success. Last year I planted two pots, bought from a nursery, and they seem to be thriving and increasing.

Same story with Castilleja miniata/Scarlet Paintbrush, planted two years ago. They increase every year.

Mukdenia rossii 'Karasuba' needs dividing, I think. I certainly have plenty of other spots to put it. But I think I will leave them be till late summer. Knowing my clumsiness, if I try dividing now I might kill it, and then I would miss its pretty leaves.

As March marches on, we get closer and closer to spring. Signs are everywhere!


  1. How thrilling to have so many things coming up! I do have a few things that never disappoint...anything in the mint family!

    Have a great day my friend. xo

  2. So many popping up, can't wait to see them all out in warm air of summer.

  3. Wow either your garden is waaay ahead of mine or a lot of my stuff bit the dust. Only time well tell...

  4. Don't you just love going out and finding what's coming up?! It's like Christmas. I have a few things that I haven't seen signs of yet, one of them is my Virginia Bluebells. Hoping that sun they are talking about for the weekend really happens!

  5. Hi Alison, you have so many plants popping up! It truly is a sign that spring is around the corner! Cheers, Jenni

  6. Wow, so many things popping up. It's so exciting waiting for spring. I buckled under and bought some plants this year of plants I didn't succeed in raising from seed too. One is Mertensia virginiana, so I hope it will bloom. I love those borage family blues. There is a Bupleurum, falcatum, that is a Chinese medicinal herb, it is not native here either but resembles yours, though yours has cuter flowers and bracts. Do they self-seed? They do look a lot like my Euphorbia, Gopher Purge, with the stem-encircling bracts. Does the pink color fade away to white very fast on the Eryngium 'Jade Frost' ? I like variegated plants.

  7. It is so exciting to find new growth!! I have a Thalictrum but it hasn't emerged yet... :-/ My Eryngium didn't bloom last year...but have basal leaves so I know it isn't dead!

  8. Hi Alison,
    I am trying to put words to the feelings I had seeing your emerging plants. I think joy, and hope that I can handle the wait until ours come up. Soon, these plants of yours will be taller, and fuller, and ours will be peeking through.

  9. Oops, I was reading 2 blogs and made a comment about the Bupleurum from the other blog on yours by mistake. My bad.

  10. That Mukdenia rossii is so interesting! I don't know this plant. Isn't it exciting to see plants springing up from the earth? It's always fun to see what's coming back (and what's not). It's amazing to me that plants can be dormant for so long, then just come back in the spring, rested and refreshed!

  11. Very promising walkabout...keep us posted.

  12. Mercy, Alison, I recognize only a few of those plants. I'd have to learn a whole new plant palette if I lived in the Pacific Northwest! Maybe in my next life ...

  13. I'm going to get out in my garden this weekend. Your post makes me so anxious to see what's coming up out there. I bought some slug bait too just in case. Glad your Lobelia tupa made it. Thank goodness for our mild winter. Cheerio!


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