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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Bunch of Old Pictures

I've been combing my photos for things that I've never posted, for one reason or another. Some of these are really old -- pre-blog, in fact pre-Washington.

It may come as a surprise to some of you that I love snakes. Fortunately, I've never lived where I had to worry about finding a poisonous one while out in the garden weeding. I might feel differently if I lived in Texas.

This beautiful black rat snake appeared  in my garden in Massachusetts one day.

My garden back then was not fenced, and bordered on protected wetlands.

What a beauty!

I used to see harmless garter snakes all the time in my garden in Massachusetts.

It didn't take the snakes long to find the goldfish in my little pond. I once ran out there in a flimsy nightgown one early morning to grab a fish out of the jaws of a garter snake. Fortunately, both the snake and the goldfish lived.

My little pond

Two water lilies in the pond

 My current garden is fenced, and I'm sure that's one reason why I never see snakes here.

Sarah Bernhardt peony from my Massachusetts garden

New Dawn rose


Dicentra spectabilis

A flock of wild turkeys on my front lawn in Massachusetts

The wetlands, or in this case, the snowlands

Magnolia flower in the Washington Arboretum's Japanese Garden

Duck butt in the Japanese Garden

The first bed I put together at the house we rented our first year here, in North Seattle

The enormous pomegranate at Little and Lewis on Bainbridge

Annual poppy


Primula viallii

Cascade foothills

I hope you enjoyed this random look back at the past. I'd show more photos of my Massachusetts garden, but back then my camera was pretty basic, and I barely knew which buttons to press or where to point it.