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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tying Up Loose Ends

My gravel garden finally has gravel! I'm really happy with the clean look of it, but it needs some stepping stones, and maybe a little bit of sparkle. I'm thinking of tossing a few handfuls of half marbles in there.

I also got my shed painted, at long last! For several months now, it has been a kaleidoscope of colors. Gray on two sides, turquoise on two sides, and with green doors. Now it's green with bright white trim, and looks brand-spanking new.

I also got a small section of fence built to match the new fence, for the purpose of screening my trash and recycle bins.

Some of the smaller perennials, like these very prolific hens and chicks, got a bit buried by the gravel mulch. I've never had gravel mulch before, so I'm wondering how it will affect the growth habit of things like hens and chicks, which creep across and root in the soil. Well, we'll see.

I have an artichoke blooming in the gravel garden.

And some prostrate rosemary.

Time for lunch!


  1. cool. if my garden were flat I would have gravel.

  2. Lucky with your artichoke! Mine stayed all leaves all year!

  3. Everything looks so new and fresh! I love it all... the shed, walk, little fence. Isn't it fun when a plan comes together? Thanks for sharing such good ideas.

  4. I like the hens and chicks popping up through the gravel, perfect pairing. Your artichoke bloom photo is wonderful!!!
    We had to prime our shed first and it still sucked up so much paint!! It got too hot to paint the window boxes and the shutters...will do that in a few weeks when it is cooler.

  5. Doesn' it just feel wonderful to tie up the loose ends? Problem is just as soon as you do...then there are new ones!

    I laughed at your comment about the gravel needing some sparkle...too funny!

  6. What a nice job.
    As for the gravel, you'll find it actually IMPROVES germination on things. I have all kinds of lovely "surprises" popping up in my gravel pathways--little seeds stay moist and protected there. I'm actually starting some plants in my pathways because it works so well. Enjoy! It all looks great.

  7. I have one path of gravel and everything seems to want to gravitate towards it! Looks wonderful.

  8. I bet the hens and chicks will do wonderfully in the gravel garden. It looks fab!

  9. Our local dry garden guru recommends mulching with gravel because you can bring it right up to the plant. His success with this method speaks for itself.


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