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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Garden Art at the Gig Harbor Garden Tour

The gardens chosen for the Gig Harbor Garden Tour always seem to have a wide array of beautiful, unique, well-placed garden art. I noticed when looking through my photos, I seem to have concentrated this year on taking pictures of the art even more than the gardens. I love garden art, but I don't have the best eye for placing it.

Fish and birds seemed to be a common theme.

There were a couple of paths and patio surfaces that had pretty embellishments.

I liked these stars embedded in this border.

There were other miscellaneous animals as well.

I liked this ceramic finial, although I think it might have looked better surrounded by foliage.

It looks like the vertical gardening trend is alive and well in Gig Harbor.

Glass in various forms is always popular.


And human heads and faces.

I have a concrete leaf similar to this, but not as brightly painted. Maybe I should set it up on an easel, because I like this presentation.

At each of the gardens there are usually several different purveyors of garden art (also several nurseries) set up in driveways and on patios. You can see all the names of the vendors and see some of their work here. Maybe I should have taken photos of each booth, but there was one that really stood out for me.

Life-size horses made of driftwood!

They're the work of Travis Foreman of Foreman's Forest Works, maker of driftwood furniture, birdhouses, landscaping and custom artwork. I don't think he has a website, but you can see his Facebook page here. And he has a Flickr photostream here.

Aren't they the coolest?


  1. The horses are wonderful! At the Portland Airport there are two driftwood horses in a lawn area. They are a little less filled-in than these but might be the same artist. Gig Harbor seems like a perfect place for a garden tour!

  2. I love seeing all the garden art. I always love seeing the different types of birdhouse people have. Yes, those horses are really cool!

  3. I too enjoy seeing how others place garden art. Thanks for sharing this garden.

  4. So many wonderful favorite is the vertical garden. I really like how the driftwood was used. xo

  5. I love garden art but have a hard time finding pieces that are cool and affordable. I really love the ones you photographed. I like the glass embedded in the concrete walkway. It looked like confetti. :o)

  6. There was some really fun stuff there! I love the ideas. The fish in the second photo and the beaver drinking were my favorites. I say it over and over, thank you for taking us all on your tours. I so enjoy them.

  7. Thanks for sharing the tour with us! I love looking at other poeple's gardens!

  8. That driftwood stuff is awesome. I would love to have the horses and the furniture in my garden. If I had room. I love garden art of all kinds but it seems like the more rusty and weathered, the better. The cement head with the creeping woolly thyme is cool too. Thank you for sharing, Alison. It was delightful.

  9. Wow, what a great collection of garden art!!! I really love the various herons that you shared! Love those fish 'swimming' down the dry stream as well. Those driftwood horses are incredible, that is really cool.

  10. I love the driftwood art of Travis Foreman.

  11. Deborah Butterfield created the horses that can be seen at the PDX airport in 1995, and I believe they were first made of drift wood, then cast in bronze. Another can be found at the Portland Art Museum. Lots of artists are crafting similar work now.

  12. Hope you don't mind, I put a link to your blog on Travis's facebook page

  13. I love the succulent hanging. I wish there was a tutorial about how you did it. I love your site and want to see more.

  14. Great post and fantastic inspiration! My followers on Pinterest love it're going viral! 250 repins today and growing fast! :) @lavendelemonade


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