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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Foliage Followup -- June 2012

For Foliage Followup I was going to do a post with pictures of some of my own foliage. But today I went on a garden tour -- The Secret Gardens of Lake Forest Park -- and one of the gardens I saw was inspirationally fabulous!

Here's the description from the tour brochure: "Betsy & George's Garden -- Featured ten years ago, this sprawling garden features unusual specimens and uncommon plant pairings. This is a wonderful example of shade gardening at its finest, with big trees and difficult sites well filled with choice plants. This is a certified Wildlife Habitat Garden."

This garden could make me a hosta lover! I knew hosta foliage could be an interesting foil for other shapes and types of leaves, but it didn't really hit home until today.

They had some wonderful moss-covered rocks!

There was a pleasantly serene waterfall and pond, surrounded by yet more moss.

This was one of those gardens where something lovely hit you in the face every time you turned around.

Standing under this gnarled, mossy, licheny, expertly pruned filbert was almost a spiritual experience.

I didn't realize till I was on my way out, and looked back at the garden one more time, that one of the trees I had been standing under was an enormous monkey puzzle tree!

Like I said, "Fabulous!" Right?

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  1. Oh, I'm in love! What a beautiful, and beautifully leafy, garden. That stream looks so natural too -- which is not easy to pull off. Thanks so much for the tour, Alison!

  2. i am scared of monkey puzzle trees i have a phobia

  3. Lovely gardens! I've never seen a Monkey Puzzle tree - very different.
    Be very careful ... I wasn't so careful and I caught Hosta Fever somewhere. I can't seen to leave a greenhouse without a new Hosta ;)

  4. That Monkey Puzzle Tree is very cool!! I too love the mixed garden bed of various hostas. What a lovely collection. If only deer didn't like hostas......

  5. Excellent foliage. I think foliage may be even more important than blooms for it carries us through the summer and into fall.~~Dee

  6. Gorgeous garden. Hosta can become a staple in a shade garden. The foliage can replace flowers.

  7. These pictures can make anyone a hosta lover! Great gardens and inspiring too. I loved the moss-covered rocks. Maybe because I don't have any in my garden. Thank you for posting

  8. The moss covered rocks are really gorgeous, I'm also really interested in the blue cat ornament along with the bird statue. Overall, very lovely!

    -Tony Salmeron

  9. Fabulous about sums it up. I love the mossy rocks and the pathways and that Filbert--amazing. Love that blue kitty too. I went on a garden tour this past weekend too but the blazing sun (not that I'm complaining) didn't do my photos any justice. Yours are outstanding.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love those gray leaf hostas. I have a new shady area that I'll be starting to plant soon, I can't wait to start shopping for amazing foliage!


  11. Fabulous is right! And that second picture... I'm in love. From the gray/blue leaf hosta to the golden foliage. But the fern in the upper right corner is absolutely killing me--I totally want that!!!

  12. The colors! The textures! The compositions! What a wonderful tour...I'm in danger of wearing out my exclamation point.

  13. That monkey puzzle tree is wonderful! I've never seen one that big. Thanks for the tour!


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