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Monday, March 12, 2012

Timber Press Veggie Giveaway

Timber Press is having a giveaway for veggie gardeners!

Go to their website and enter your email address and you might win a prize package that includes:

And you could also win a bunch of cool books published by Timber Press

All you need to do is enter is an email address, and then click "I'm ready!" The contest ends March 23! I entered my address, even though I haven't sowed a single edible seed yet. I'm having a slow start to my edible growing season so far. I don't know why but I just can't seem to work up any enthusiasm for it. Despite the fact that I need to increase my consumption of vegetables.

I've been thinking of joining a CSA this year, instead of trying to grow my own veggies. Our last summer in Massachusetts, we were in a CSA, which we shared with a neighbor, and we got a ton of wonderful, healthy vegetables. 

On the other hand, maybe if I win the Timber Press promotion, it'll kick-start my veggie-growing.


  1. Thanks for the info..I just entered! - I haven't started any seeds yet either, I have some sweet peas to plant as soon as this nasty weather clears a bit. - Have a nice week. xo

  2. Thanks for sharing, Alison. I don't have a lot of enthusiasm for growing my own, either...I just do not have good circumstances for them here. What little I do grow is on my deck, but even there is only a tiny bit of sun. So I'm going to hit the Farmer's Market regularly this year. Might as well help out my neighbors--and since I'll be working at many of them as a MG, it'll be easy to pick some up while I'm there.


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