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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There'll Be No Work on the Gravel Garden Today!

Because it's a snow day!

We woke up this morning to a surprise amount of snow. I knew there was a threat of it in the forecast,  but I thought it was going to just be occasional snow showers. It's been snowing pretty heavily.

Douglas firs in the snow

I think the garden will survive this time. It's not like the ice storm in January that wreaked such havoc. And it gives me longer to continue picking out plants for the new garden.

The view out the front door. The tree on the left is the one that lost its upper half in the ice storm.

The birds are all over the feeder. These two stalwarts held out even when I stepped out onto the back porch.

Bird tracks under the feeder

The Euphorbia 'Red Wing' that I bought at the plant sale last weekend, with a dusting of snow on it.

It's supposed to turn to showers by the afternoon, and then rain for the rest of the week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather forecasters got it right.


  1. Wow you did get a lot! It's really cold here, but we just had rain this time.

  2. My you did get a fair amount of snow for this time of year, although I'm not clear on where you are! We are having snow all around us but for some reason none on us which I am thankful for as we had ours last week.
    The euphorbia is quite pretty, I don't own one of those - another plant to add to the list!

  3. A winter wonderland! So gorgeous for the likes of us living in warmer climes where we don't have snow right on our doorsteps! I love the smiling face bedecked with a head full of snow :) And seeing all those tiny bird prints in the snow. Precious! Hope everything in the garden survives happily after this sudden cold snap. Ought to have got rid of at least some pesky spring season guzzling hatchlings of the bugz variety ;)

  4. You did get a bunch of snow! Pretty pics. I love the one looking up at the Doug Firs :) Rain for us, mixed with snow, nothing sticking above 500ft. It's SUPER soggy out there. Cheers, Jenni

  5. Isn't this getting rediculous? We didn't get nearly as much as you, but any snow on March 13th is too much!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by and lovin' on our new chicks. They are so cute & fun, but soon they will have to move out of the house because they keep jumping out of their box. We have a couple inches of snow today, too. It sure is pretty & I love, love taking pics of birds in the snow.

  7. Snow. I don't miss it at all. We have thunder, does that count?

  8. Seriously, I think I would cry if we got snow here this late in winter!

  9. Ack! The weather was horrible here today. We had thunder, lightning, crazy wind, and snow all today.

  10. Sorry for the snow fall! You shared this Euphorbia again to tempt me didn't you? ;-)

  11. I always heave a happy sigh when I view your pictures of plants.. you have such an amazingly wonderful variety of beauties!

    And WOW! so odd to see this.. we are having a 'heatwave' of 80-81 degree weather this week..which is just unheard of in March!


  12. And now that it's Friday, all the winter hoopla has subsided once again. Until the next storm rolls in which will probably be any minute now. Aren't you feeling just a wee bit jealous of all those mid-westerners who are walking around all smug in that sunshine? :)

    Beautiful photos. I love that first especially. He looks alive. And happy!

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